Lime 4th- 8th October 2021

Next Week’s Learning:

English: writing our own non-chronological report
Maths: Addition and subtracting – crossing tens 
Science – light- making shadows 


In our English lessons this week we started the week by looking at our poems that we had been working on  from last week. We spent the first lesson editing them ready to perform the next day. The children and I are so proud of their effort towards their rhymes and I hope you’ll agree that the performances are great!


Maths learning this week has continued with addition and subtraction. In groups we used our base 10 to help us exchange. We used our prior knowledge that ten 10s equal 100 to help us exchange our hundreds for tens in order to subtract. The children worked in great teams and showed fantastic teamwork and stickability to get the correct answer.


In our science lessons we have been looking at light. This week we discussed the terminology of transparent translucent and opaque. We then went on a hunt in our classroom for transparent translucent and opaque objects and labelled them with post-it notes. This helped us and I challenge to create some opaque curtains for a babies bedroom.


This week in PE we continued to look at our athletic unit. We looked at throwing for distance and accuracy. We discussed different techniques to give more power to our throws and implement to these in again with our partners.