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Lime 6th -10th March 2023

Next Week's Learning:

English: Writing dialogue and making predictions 

Maths: Mass and Capacity 

Science: Science enrichment day 

Shimpling Park Farm

This week we had a fab but cold day at the farm. We looking at the different seasons and all the jobs that are undertaken at different times of the year. We made the link between our birthdays and the different seasons. After lunch we had a visit around the farm looking at the different machinery and their jobs. We went into the wheat grain shed and were able to examine the seeds. The children were amazing and showed fantastic curiosity the whole day. 


In geography we have been focusing on megacities. Over the last two weeks we looked at the 10 biggest megacities in the world and what makes them a mega city. This week we focused on the biggest cities in the United Kingdom. We looked at the biggest fastest fastest growing mega city which is Milton Keynes. After some research we realised that the reason people want to move to Milton Keynes is because of the jobs of a job opportunities that it offers.


Our English lessons have been focusing on our class text ocean meet sky. We have looked at a range of different skills for writing and creating different sentence types. One of the sentence types was a question. We used our questionnaires to think of a range of questions that both the characters in our text  might want to ask each other. Once we had written a question style sentence we looked at using correct punctuation of  inverted commas to punctuate your sentences.