Lime 8th-12th March 2021

Next week in our learning we will be...

English: The Street Beneath My Feet- planning our own explanation text

Maths: Comparing and ordering different lengths

Science: Rocks, Fossils and Soils


In maths this week we have been learning about length. We started our new unit by exploring different units of measurement and the measuring equipment we would need. We had lots of fun measuring the classroom, playground and school hall with our metre sticks. We discussed that metres would be the best unit of measurement to use as it is a larger area. 

British Science Week

This week was British Science Week. As a class we looked at inventions and what a good inventor would look like. The British Science organisation set us a task to create a new invention for the theme of ‘innovating the future’. 
We then took part in a fun experiment looking at Non-Newtonian liquids and how they work. We got rather messy and had lots of fun experimenting!


In English This week we have been looking at our new unit of explanation texts. We started a new unit by looking at the text ‘The street beneath my feet.’ This week we have looked at the structure of an explanation text and the key features. We started by writing some sentences to go in the introduction under the ‘overarching information’ puzzle shape. 


During PE this week we started a new unit of fitness. We started by carrying out our own fitness tests. We looked at different elements of fitness and how we could improve for our own personal victories.