Lime 8th – 12th November 2021

Next Week’s Learning:

English: narrative writing using speech 

Maths: Arrays and repeated addition 

Science : Nutrition groups 


We finally got to read to the end of the Stone Age boy this week in English. The children have used drama and show not tell writing tool to produce some fantastic descriptive writing. We have spent this week discussing front of the videos and using them in a range of sentences to describe inference feelings. 


In maths we started a new unit on Multiplication and division. We started of this week by looking at equal groups and what the word equal meant . We then progressed to looking at arrays with repeated addition and multiplication number sentences.



In PE we looked at our new unit of dance. We were introduced to our inspiration which is machines. We looked at the way certain parts of machines moved and choreographed eight count dance to fit with our whole class eight counts. The children showed great teamwork and stickability whilst choreographing their routines.


During our art lesson this week we started a new topic of drawing. We divided a page into six and experimented using a pencils to make different marks pressing harder and softer and holding a pencil at different angles for a shaded affect. We then looked at the artist van Gogh and discussed his mark making for one of his famous pieces.