Lime 9th-13th November 2020


In History this week we continued with our topic of Stone Age. We looked at what an archeologist was and discussed and viewed artefacts. We then put our archeologist hats on and excavated some of our own fossils. The children made great archeologists and were so careful when digging around the fossils. 


In our English learning this week we read more of our class book, The Stone Age boy. In the book, the boy enters a cave and is greeted by a cave bear. We used drama to imagine how the boy would feel entering into the deep, dark cave. The children produced some great creative writing and thought carefully about the boys feelings. We also took part in a class debate as to whether we thought it would be good or not so good to live in the stone age. The children had some fantastic points and it was a very even split across the class. 


Our new computing unit for this term is ‘inputs and outputs.’ This week we looked into the makeup of a laptop and the inputs and outputs. We created our own mini laptops, taking apart the screen and the keyboard, looking behind to see what they are made up from. 


We have started out new unit in maths on Multiplication and division. We spent this week looking at different methods to help us calculate our number sentences. We looked at arrays and then towards the end of the week moved onto bar models. The children were able to identify which number sentence matched each bar model and corrected the ones on the board. 

Friday reading treat

The children had a fantastic Friday afternoon. We watched Matilda in our pyjamas and enjoyed a box of popcorn and sweets. The children were so excited and had smiles from ear to ear the whole afternoon.