Lime 9th May – 13th May 2022

Next Week's Learning:

English: Writing a first person narrative 

Maths: Time – quarter past and half past 

Science – Magnetic field 

Shimpling Park Farm

We had a fantastic time at the Farm, learning all about the seasons seed and the routine of planting and harvesting. We were then lucky enough to go into the barn and see lots of new machinery that is used on the farm. After lunch we got to plant some of our own seeds that we are watching grow in the classroom. The classes favourite part of the day was meeeting the four baby lambs- John, Ringo, Paul and George. 


In Science this we looked at friction and what it is. We carried out an experiment looking into whether different surfaces effecting the force of our car. We used: wood, carpet, foam and sandpaper. Most groups found our that carpet created the most friction because of its bumpy surface.