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Lime Class 15th-19th January 2024

Next week’s learning:

English: The Street beneath our Feet. Planning and writing our own explanation text.

The Last Garden: introduction to our new book.

Maths: Finishing our multiplication and division unit with scaling and problem solving. Starting our new unit: Length and perimeter. We will start by measuring in metres and centimetres then millimetres and then cms and mms.  

Science: investigating different types of soil  


Our learning this week:

 During English, we generated questions we could ask archaeologists or palaeontologist about fossils, which linked brilliantly with our science. We also researched and practised taking notes about mining so we could add facts to our explanation text.

Maths: We focussed on division this week. Here the children are working out division questions which have remainders- 

Music: The children composed their own piece of music to accompany the song we are learning.