Oak Class, 28th February – 4th March 2022

I hope you had a lovely half term!

Next week we will be.....

.....Taking part in a whole school 'Brazilian' enrichment day on Friday 11th March.

English - Describing the Isle of Struay from the Katie Morag stories and writing postcards.

Maths - Learning different counting patterns - 2's ( including odd and even), 5's and 10's.

Science - Thinking about the seasons and the season we are in now / next.

Phonics - We are starting Phase 5c - alternative spelling / pronounciation of graphemes. We are also revising phase 3 and 5a.

This week we have ........

....enjoyed pancakes on Tuesday!

Celebrated World Book Day on Thursday. We really enjoyed hearing a story that was written by Amelia Pyne's dad.

We finished our fantastic collage versions of the 'Castle and the Sun' by the famous artist Paul Klee.

Started to learn about the Isle of Stuary and the Katie Morag stories. We have loved using the role play post office.

Started to learn about odd and even numbers and counting in 2's.