Oak class, 29th November – 3rd December

Next week we will be....

....Making decorations!

English - Completing a 'Big Write', writing a Christmas list and letter to Santa.

Maths - Consolidating our learning about tens and ones.

Phonics - Consolidating phase 5a and sending sound packs home!

This week we have........

.....Learnt about tens and ones in maths.

In Science, we thought about how animals adapt in the winter - we had key words: adapt, hibernate and migrate. We loved making animal homes outside!

In Art, we combined the 2 parts of our interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' with Miss Langford.

We had great fun in the snow.....it wasn't long until we put our coats on!

We had great fun at the panto......oh no we didn't....oh yes we did!

We made Christingles and went to the church for a service........

We had great fun playing in Santa's Workshop.....