Oak 30th Nov – 4th Dec 2020

Next week's learning....

English – Christmas lists, letters and ‘Big Writing’.

Maths – Taking away / subtracting and problem solving.

Science – Animals in winter.

Phonics – u – e  and revision of the 5a sounds.

Friday 11th December – Christmas decoration morning / Christmas jumper day!

This week.......

This week we have been extremely busy. We have had great fun using our Santa’s workshop!

We had great fun in DT making our ‘moving pictures’….

We have been counting backwards in maths this week. Mrs Bolton and Mrs Anderson are very impressed!

We have been busy working on our cutting skills, making beautiful snowflakes….

We have been working hard on our phase 5 sounds in phonics….

In gym with Tom we have been linking two movements together…..

Finally, we have been busy in History, comparing farming today to farming in the past…..

What a busy week! Two to go!