Oak class, 4th – 7th May 2021

Next week we will be.....

........English - Finishing writing our own versions of the 'Lighthouse keeper's Lunch' and making iced seabiscuits and lighthouse fruit kebabs by following instructions.

.......Maths - We will be dividing objects and numbers of objects as 'shared by'.

.......Science - We will be looking at the Human body.

This week we have been.......

……..Writing our own versions of the ‘Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ story and thinking of ways to stop the seagulls from stealing Mr G’s lunch. We had fun thinking of ideas and planning our stories using story maps.

……Lots of children in Oak class took part in the sponsored read. Our class raised the most money in the whole school to buy new books for the class – over £400.00! AMAZING OAKS!

……In maths, we have been making arrays to help us understand multiplication. We have also been thinking about our number bonds to 20.

……In Art, we started to make our lighthouse models – we painted the lighthouse this week. Some of us made lighthouses outside. We all thought of what we would make Mr G for his lunch and created lists.

We have had a short but very busy week!