Oak class, 4th – 8th October 2021

Next week is Harvest and our 'Gratitude' week at school. We will be thinking of things we are grateful for.

English - We will be following instructions and baking bread rolls.
Maths - We will be learning about ordinal numbers and the number line.
Science - We will be thinking about parts of a plant.
Phonics - We wil be learning the Phase 3 air and ure trigraphs.

This week we have been.......

....Learning how to compare numbers using the 'greater than, less than and equals to' signs, in maths.

We have been learning about the difference between 'deciduous' and 'evergreen' trees in science and sorting leaves.

We had a brilliant time at our second forest school session. We roasted apples, found and made necklaces with conkers and lots more!

We have been using the glockenspiels in music!