Oak Class, 7th – 11th March 2022

Next week we will be.....

.....English - Learning about Traditional Tales and using actions to help us.

....Maths - Building on our knowledge of number bonds to 10 and 20 and comparing numbers to 50.

....Science - Looking for signs of Spring.

....Phonics - Loking at alternative ways of spelling familiar sounds.

Today we celebrated the country of Brazil as a whole school. We talked about where the country was and learned about the flag. We tasted some of the fruits that grow in Brazil and tried some food, we learned about the rainforest - the 4 different layers and the animals that live there. We learned some Portuguese as that is the main language of Brazil. We played football, danced with Mr Noonan and made carnival head dresses - it was a fantastic day!

This week we have also been counting in 2's and 5's in maths, writing postcards to Katie Morag in English, thinking about the change between Winter and Spring in Science, thinking about how and why Christians say thank you to God in RE and thinking about what life is like on the Isle of Coll ( the real island that Katie Morag's island is based on!)