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Oak class, 9th – 13th January 2023

Next week we will be .....

.....English - Describing 'The Great Fire of London' and learning more about why it grew so big!

.....Maths - We will be consolidating our knowledge of 'teen' numbers by comparing, ordering and using the number line.

.....Science - We will be sorting objects by properties.

.....Phonics - Continuing with phase 5b - alternative phonemes for written graphemes (the different ways a letter or letter is pronounced e.g. a = cat, swan, path).

This week we have been....

......Having a great time at our first Forest School session. We made fire, toasted marshmellows, used the swing and hammock, looked at bones and skulls, drilled holes, made a river, used the mud slide, climbed trees and fished in the pond!

.... We started our yoga moves in PE - this week, we moved as monkeys...