Oak Class, 9th – 13th May 2022

Next week we are going to......

.....English - Thinking of ways to stop the seagulls attacking Mr Grinling's lunch in the LHKL.

.....Maths - Dividing numbers of objects as 'sharing'.

......Science - Looking at the diet of animals and classifying them as Carnivores, Herbivores or Omnivores.

......Phonics - We are going to be learning the alternative oy / oi sounds and wr / r.

This week we have been.....

.....Writing postcards in English from the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. We have been using adjectives and the word 'and'.

In Maths we have been making arrays.....

In Science, we have been classifying animals into different groups - mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibans, birds and insects.