Oak Class 9th- 13th November 2020

Week commencing 16th November 2020

English: We will be starting to learn about the story of the ‘Owl Babies’.

Maths: We are learning about and comparing number bonds up to 10.

Science: We are thinking about seasonal change and the weather.

Phonics: We are learning the following phase 5a sounds: wh, ph, ew and oe, as well as revising previously taught phase 3 and 5 sounds.

This week...........

This week we have been really busy thinking about autumn. We went on an autumn walk and described some of the things we saw using adjectives. On Friday, we wrote our own autumn poems. We also had fun leaf printing using autumn colours for our display!

On Wednesday 11th November we created a wreath made from our handprints and painted poppies as part of Remembrance Day ………

In maths we have been adding in different ways. We have been thinking about fact families and used scales to help us work them out……

We had a special treat on Friday afternoon for doing so well in the reading competition that took place during half term. We enjoyed watching ‘Room on the Broom’ with popcorn and hot chocolate!

In PE, we have been trying to jump in different ways, using different apparatus….