Willow Class 2nd- 5th November 2021

Next week's learning:

English- we will be investigating formal and informal letters.  Then we wil be looking at the layout and language of formal letters before writing one of our own.

Maths- we will be learning about prime numbers and prime factors before moving onto square and cube numbers.  We will then be recapping multiplying by 10 and 100.


This week:

This week in English we read the book- The Island by Irmin Greder.  We sent some time learning about the lives of refugees and using our empathy and inference  skills to ansr questions.  The class then learnt about how to hold a debate.  Here some pictures of the children practising, ready for our debate next week-

Elizabeth spoke with the children about their Seed to Tree session.

In PSHE the children were listing emotions and in colective worship we had an exciting discussion on the question- ‘Are we responsible for the environment?’-

During out ‘Dance by chance’ session in P.E. the class had great fun creating a dance based on moves assigned to numbers.