Willow 10th – 14th May

Our learning this week (w/c  17.05.21):

English: In English this week we are entering our third week on film narratives, during this week Willow will watch a new (and very different) film narrative and compare the two.  

Maths: In maths Willow Class are continuing with their properties of shape topic and will be focusing on drawing lines accurately and angles on a straight line. 

Science: This weeks Science lesson is on gestation periods. 

Have a look at the pictures below to see what Willow have been up to this week.

Willow enjoyed their music lesson on Monday using the glockenspiels. Watch the video below to see one of the class performances too. 

On Wednesday Willow started to add the first layer of paint to their batiks, they were careful to try and get the lightest shades the could to build up the layers of paint and resist. 

On Wednesday Willow class spent their English lesson writing the narrative for The Piano, on Thursday they then edited them in small groups – this united approach meant they were able to share their work and scaffold ideas from each other. I was very impressed with how they worked on this. On Friday, they then wrote their final drafts.