Willow 12th – 16th April

Our learning this week (w/c  19.04.21):

English: In English this week we are entering our second week of Persuasive letter writing. We are using the book Kick as our stimulus – it is all about a boy (Budi) who is obsessed with football. Budi works in a factory making football boots dreaming that one day he might attend a match. We have had some interesting talks about child labour and human rights this week.  

Maths: In maths Willow Class will be starting their new topic on decimals. This first week we will be looking at adding at subtracting decimals within one as well as adding decimals crossing the whole. 

Science: We are finishing off our science topic from last half term before moving on to Biology. This will be our final lesson on Forces, looking at mechanisms and pulleys. 

Have a look at the pictures below to see what Willow have been up to this week.

Working in small groups today Willow were using the iPads to research child labour – answering questions such as, why does it exist? and what are child labour free zones?

I forgot to add these from the end of term – a very funny and competitive game of crab football in the hall as it was pouring with rain outside. Willow loved it!

Willow conducted a science experiment using clay and measuring cylinders. They were looking at water resistance and what shapes can were more streamlined.