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Willow 13th – 17th March 2023

This week in Willow Class we will be:

English: This week we will be starting a new topic based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. The children will ultimately be making comic strips.  

Maths: Over the last two weeks of term we will be revisiting some of the maths we have covered this term. This week will be the area and perimeter of compound shapes and multiplying by two digits.    

Science – Our new topic this term is forces, our next lesson will be on Water Resistance.

Big Question – this week the big question is: Do our brains all work in the same way?

Have a look below to see what we’ve been up to this week:.

ICT – Willow were using the Microbits to code pedometers. 

Music – in Music Willow have made more progress with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air which they seem to be really enjoying. 

A group of Willow class were able to do some Skateboarding on Wednesday! 

On Friday the whole school came together for Science Enrichment Day. Please look on the other class pages to see the other activities that they got up to. The theme was making connections so the children have been looking at: fingerprints, food webs, colours, sound, seismometers, parachutes and chemical reactions.