Willow 17th – 21st October

This week in Willow Class we will be:

English: After half term we will be starting our new unit based on the book The Nowhere Emporium. We will be focusing on building effective sentences for a prologue.   

Maths: We will be starting our first week of fractions. The focus will be on equivalent fractions and converting fractions from improper fractions to mixed number fractions and vice versa.

Science – Our topic this half term is Properties of Materials. This is the focus of our first lesson.

Big Question – this week the big question is: Who is the wisest person you know? What makes them wise?


Have a look below to see what we’ve been up to this week:

Willow had an amazing day for their Mayan Enrichment Day on Tuesday – hot chocolate, played Pok-ta-pok, made headdresses and made clay emblems. 

Our final lesson on their Dan Fenelon inspired pieces – aren’t they beautiful!

On Wednesday we looked at the movements of the moon and Earth in relation to the sun. We made models in class and I asked them all to explain it to you at home. I hope they did!