Willow 20th -24th September 2021

Next week's learning:

English: we will be using the book ‘The Island’ by Armin Greder. The children will find about about what the term ‘refugee’ means and will look at the lives of refegees.  They will then be learning about balanced arguements andwill end the week by taking part in a debate.

Maths: we will start a new topic- multiplication and division.  This week we will be llearning about multiples and factors.

Science: we will be completing the last Chemistry lesson of dissolving and separating liquids.

This week :

In English, the children investigated the portmanteau words (words made by two parts of two words together -Romcom) in The Jabberwocky and then created the own, before writing a version of the poem that didn’t contain nonsense.  They then worked in small groups to preform the poem.

Here are the children who volunteered to read out the nonsense poem that they wrote for homework-

During maths this week over the last two weeks the children recapped  their knowledge of charts, graphs and tables. They then moved on to learning to read and draw line graphs.  They finished the unit by learning to read timetables. 

During PSHE, the children drew comic strips to demonstrate a senario or conversation whereby they help a friend who needs support.

The children really enjoyed playing netball again this week.  They played another netball match. Some chose to play a hot seat shooting game.