Willow 23rd – 27th November

Our learning this week (w/c 30.11.20):

English: In English this week Willow are going to be looking at non-chronological reports based on volcanoes.  

Maths: In maths Willow Class looking at how to calculate the area of shapes.  

Science: Our Science topic for this half term is Chemistry: Properties of Materials. The upcoming lesson is focussing on dissolving


Have a look at the pictures below to see what Willow have been up to this week. 

Here Willow were busy composing their own pieces. 

In PSHE Willow were looking at what it meant to say ‘in a mood’ they then discussed good coping mechanism for being in a bad mood. 

In Dance this week Willow Class have been creating short sequences to music based on a series of eight movements. 

Watch the start of some of their dances below.