Willow 30th – 4th December

Our learning this week
(w/c  07.12.20):

English: In English this week we are going to be starting our new topic on The Ice Bear – our focus will be descriptive writing. 

Maths: In maths Willow Class will be consolidating their learning from this term by revisiting certain aspects we’ve covered –  this week will be column addition and subtraction and balancing equations. 

Science: Our Science topic for this half term is Chemistry: Properties of Materials. The upcoming lesson is focusing on separating materials. 

Have a look at the pictures below to see what Willow have been up to this week. 

This week Willow produced some fantastic non-chronological reports on volcanoes, they spent Wednesday researching lots of interesting information about them.

In our latest ICT lesson Willow learnt how to add live loops to their sonic-pi pieces which repeated sections of code continuously. 

Look at Willow’s beautifully detailed reports.