Willow – 5th – 9th September

This week in Willow Class we will be:

English: For the next two weeks we will be studying the fiction text, Varjak Paw. After writing short narratives last week, this week we will be looking at writing non-chronological reports.

Maths: Our first unit in maths is place value. This week we will be looking at powers of 1, adding 10, 100, 1,000 etc, partitioning numbers to 1,000,000 and comparing and ordering numbers to 100,000.

Science – Our topic this half term is Earth and Space. This week we will be continuing to look at the planets and how they fit in order towards the sun.   

Big Question – this week the big question is: Why are memories so important?


Have a look below to see what we’ve been up to this week:

Our first art lesson based on Chris Ofilli. They chose an abstract object and used different mediums to depict it. Next week we will be adding an overlay of patterns. 

Willow worked well today using the iPads to research facts on the planets. We learnt that Mercury is shrinking and that it isn’t the hottest planet, despite being closest to the sun! Please ask your children what other fun facts they learnt today.