Willow Class 22nd- 26th November 2021

Next week's learning:

English:  We will continue to use the story of the Firebird to plan, write and edit a descriptive dialogue.  We will then be learning about discussion texts.

Maths: we will be learning to measure and calculate areas.

Science: ireversible and  irreversible chemical changes.

This week:

In English, we planned, wrote, edited and re-wrote sensory descriptions of the firebird.  We then went on to drama to explore characters’ emotions and inner thoughts before recapping direct speech.  ,

Have a look at our wonderful writing:

In science, we investigated reversible and irreversible changes:

Here we are in D.T. investigating the best materials to make the the key of Kalimbas (an African instrument) from:

In computing, we learned about Binary code.  Willow Class really impressed Mrs Simpson with their great understanding!