Willow Class 24th-28th January 2022

Next week's learning:

English: we will be writing our own narrative poem using The Owl and the Pussy Cat as inspiration and then we will be learning about the poem The Highwayman.

Maths: we are starting out new unit- fractions.  What is a fraction, equivalent fractions, fractions greater than one and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers.

Science: lifecycles

This week's learning:

In English, we finished writing our opening chapters of our adventure story and then completed a ‘Big Write’. We finished the week by looking at the narrative poem- The owl and the Pussycat’ and planning our own poem-

Here we are in maths using pencils to help us answer division with remainders problems before moving onto the formal written method.

During art, the children finished their Starry Night pland and then experimneted with making lines and pattern with the flour and water resist before starting on their final batik design. Next week- adding the colour in stages!

We were looking at ethincity in PSHE this week, using The British Poem by Benjamin Zephaniah.