Willow Class 24th-29th March 2022

Next week's learning:

English: dictionary skills, creative writing based on short animations.

Maths: percentages as fractions and decimals, problem solving and recapping our learning from this term.

This week's learning:

The children learned about the effects of air resistance by investigating the best parachute to slow a person down.  They had great fun!

We had a very successful trip a number of historical sites and Museums in Bury as part of the schools’ Heritage visits which is part of the Abbey 1000 celebrations.

We started the day at Moyses Hall Museum where we learnt about the Red Barn Murder and life in the Abbey.  The class had to play guess the smell! We then took part in the trial of the Red Barn Murderer at the Guildhall (pefrformed brilliantly by Abbeygate 6th form History students) before visiting their Ration Books to Rock ‘n’ Roll exhibition.  After lunch, we had a tour of the cathedral by ex- Lawshall teacher Mrs Gregory! We even found the cathedral mouse.  We finished the day with a tour of the Abbey gardens.  We had a lovely day and learned a lot about the history of Bury St. Edmunds.