Willow Class 29th November- 3rd December 2021

Next week's learning:

English:  We are going to plan, write and edit a balanced discussion on whether the Tsar from Firebird should open the place grounds to the public!

Maths: we will be recapping negative, sqyare, cube and prime numbers and prime factors before revisiting area and perimeter problems.

Science: reversible and  irreversible chemical changes.

This week:

In English, the class wrote and edited some really impressive descriptive dialogues before learning about the featues of discussion texts.  We then finished the week with a really enjoyable trip to the pantomime.

We spent time  learning about area of rectangles before moving onto the area of compound shapes in maths.

During geography, Willow Class looked at the physical and human features of Hiemaey in Iceland and compared them to Lawshall.

The children put up our class Christmas tree and we spent time pratising our nativity play for the carol concert.

Willow Class made Christingles before the Christingle service at the church-