Willow Class 31st January- 4th February 2022

Next week's learning:

English: We will look more closely at The Highwayman poem and look at features of playscripts before converting the narrative of the poem in a playscript.

Maths: We are contining with fractions. Changing mixed numbers to improper fractions, fraction sequences and then ordering and comparing fractions.

Science: lifecycles, mammals, amphibians, insects.

This week's learning:


Willow class started the week writing their narrative parody poems.  They spent some time assessing and editing their poems- they were very proud of their poems!

We then looked at The Highwayman poem by Alfred Noyes.  They created wanted posters for the Highwayman and finished the week editing and improving their alternative ending to the poem.


During R.E. Willow Class were looking at ways that Hidu children might show devotion to Krishna.  That had a go at either creating a lifesize drawing of Krishna orhis wife Radha orcreating a swing for baby Krishna in their groups.  

P.E. (Yoga)

During P.E. the class worked in pairs to practise balance and strength.