Willow Class 3rd-9th March 2022

Next week’s learning:

English: writing and editing a diary entry linked to our work on the book- Journey to Jo’burg.

Maths: subtracting two mixed numbers and multiplying fractions by whole numbers.


This week’s learning:

World Book Day- the class looked amazing in their costumes and had fun completing activities linked to the author Oliver Jeffers.

In English, the class researched volcanoes on the iPads and laptops before producing their final reports.  They then worked in pairs to edit and assess them.  They were all very proud of their finished pieces of work.  

In science, Willow Class collected information on lifecyles of amphibians and insects – frogs, butterflies, newts and dragonflies.

Willow Class used atlases to find the major mountain ranges in the world as part of their new geography topic- mountains.

We had great fun investigating how much weight different shaped beams would hold in out bridges unit in D.T.