Elder Class Updates

Welcome to Elder class, year 6

Teacher: Mrs Kemp

Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bigg

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Dack/Ms Sevindi


Good luck, Elder class! Have a wonderful summer holiday and good luck at your new schools. We will miss you! Keep being brilliant!

We hope you enjoy our leavers’ song:


Look at what we have been doing this week in Elder class…

Final days in Elder class:

Week commencing 13th July:

We recapped finding the mean and used our skills to solve a tarsia puzzle. In PE we played socially distanced  rounders.

Week commencing 6th July:

In PE this week Bubble 1 did volleyball. It was great fun!

Week commencing 29th June:

Sports day was great fun! A good time was had by all and it was lovely to see the smiling faces and hear the happy laughter.

The Elder Bubble 1 team enjoyed making fruit kebabs, tasting smoothies and making rainbow salads.

Elder Bubble 2 loved the fruit kebabs. there was a mixed reception to the smoothies though!

Cass has been cycling during health and fitness week sporting his new leavers’ hoodie.

Week commencing 22nd June:

Well done to Otto for spending time during lockdown completing an introduction to sign language course. Superb motivation!

We read ‘Silly Billy’ by Anthony Browne and made our own worry dolls…

In PE we practised for our Bubble sports day next week…

In English we wrote descriptions using figurative language and narratives using dual perspective…

Rosie had a great time designing and testing a parachute in our Childcare Bubble.

Week commencing 15th June:

There was some great circle art going on at home …

In school there was an arithmetic hunt…

and badminton and tennis in PE with Tom…

We had to listen to a film without seeing the images and predict what had happened…

Then we wrote setting descriptions…

Week commencing 8th June:

Thank you Elder Bubble 2 for a couple of great days. It was lovely to see you all and to see the great work you did.

At last Elder classroom was buzzing with the happy voices of our wonderful Elders again! Thanks for a fabulous first day back Elder Bubble 1; it was an absolute pleasure.

PE with Tom was great fun! Social distanced rounders no less. Lots of impressive hitting and catching and great teamwork too.

Brook and Otto enjoyed their slime making!

There was some great artwork this week too.


Aneira received her certificate for her Grade 2 singing exam. Well done!

Super writing based on the poem ‘Chocolate Cake’ by Michael Rosen.

Week commencing Monday 1st June:

Elder class wrote speeches about an item they would banish to Room 101.

Cass ham Room 101

ROOM 101 otto

Daniel and Sam made great speeches. Watch them below…



Elder class have written some book reviews. Jess has reviewed Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter and Cass reviewed Mortal Engines.


Mortal Engine Review by Cass

Elder class wrote speeches about ‘why friends matter’. They used rhetorical questions, emotive language and repetition for effect.

Why friends matter by Finn

Elder class made rainbows using the capillary action of kitchen towel.

Elder class designed illuminated initials like the Medieval Monks used to decorate their manuscripts. Jessica and Emma did a great job!

We are looking at the history of writing this week. We wrote our names in an ancient language. We also thought about the important role reading and writing plays in the formation of a civilisation.

Definition of Civilisation Cass

Week commencing Monday 18th May:

Elder class did some printing and collage work.

Jess wrote a superb poem about ‘Love’ as part of our PSHE unit.

Callum got a green Blue Peter badge!

Elders wrote some stories based on traditional tales with a twist!


Elder class wrote stories based on a picture. They really used their imaginations…


If you have read a good book during the lockdown, send me a book review so I can share it with the rest of the class. I recently read ‘The Nowhere Emporium’ and thought it was a fabulous book! It is a fantasy novel with brilliant flashbacks.  I also read ‘The Middle of Nowhere’, which I enjoyed. It is set in the Australian outback and had some great twists and turns. The Tiger Rising is an American children’s novel which follows the story of a boy who finds a caged tiger in a woodland near his home. ‘The Everything Machine’ is a contemporary novel about a family of children who wrongly receive an incredibly powerful 3D printer. Their exploits will make you laugh and gasp! I am currently reading ‘Loser’ by Jerry Spinelli, which is making me laugh while simultaneously tugging on my heartstrings.

Aneira made the ration chocolate cake for her VE day celebrations.


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