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Welcome to Elder class, year 6



Have a great Easter holiday, Elder class.

We have been learning about evolution and inheritance in science. I saw this news article while on holiday and thought you might find it interesting. We talked in class about new discoveries and how important they are so this ‘find’ was very well-timed for us!https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-47873072?ns_mchannel=social&ns_source=facebook&ns_campaign=bbcnews&ocid=socialflow_facebook

Elder class brought home a class photo and individual photo this week. The traditional (white background) class photo will be available to take home after Easter.

Spellings this term will be on Friday weekly instead of Thursday. Homework will continue to be Monday (due in Thursday) and Thursday (due in Monday).

PE this term is on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Both sessions will be outside (weather permitting) so wrap up warm!

Our learning this week:

In maths we are learning to:   find missing angles using information given.

In English we are learning to: complete writing based on Hamlet including a dialogue and an alternative ending to the story.

In science we are learning to:

This week

Elder class had a project this half term to research a famous musician from the past and present their findings to the rest of the class. We had some fabulous presentations about a range of musicians from Beethoven to Buddy Holly to Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.

Elivs presentation Johnny Cash

Elder class did some great peer editing work in English this week. They are loving our Hamlet work.

In English Elder class have written balanced arguments about deforestation. They tried to expand the points for and against deforestation and come to a firm conclusion giving reasons to justify their viewpoint.


Elders also had a free write about a picture. It was lovely to read so many creative pieces of writing.

Elder class had a great time at Crucial Crew and learnt lots of interesting things about how to keep themselves safe. A special well done to Mia, Sebastian and Imogen who all got a special mention for excellent participation and impressive answers. Well done too to the two groups who got mentioned for excellent whole group focus.

After the success of last week’s enterprise event, Elder class had to count their takings, work out their profits, discuss which items sold the best and why, and decide what goods to sell at their next event on Friday 17th May.

Elder class had to work on their cooperation, motivation and stickability learning behaviours today by teaching themselves the ‘triangle dance’! I was really impressed by the teamwork and perseverance shown by the class.


In PE with Tom this week, Elder class had to invent some adapted games that could be played by someone in a wheelchair, with a broken arm or with a hearing impairment. There was great cooperation evident and lots of smiles too.

They also did their weekly ‘Boxercise’ session. Great photography by Toby.

Our enterprise event was a great success. Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the year 6s. Elder class, you worked really hard and all seemed to enjoy being entrepreneurs. Next week you will be able to count your money and calculate your profit. A massive thank you also goes to Mrs Bigg for organising the event.

The girls of Elder class enjoyed their rugby session on Wednesday. Thank you to Issy, our roving photographer.

For World Book Day, Elder class dressed up as their favourite character from a book.

They got together with Lime class and Elders read their letters from The Day the Crayons Quit and Limes read their deforestation reports. It was fabulous to see the children sharing their work. Finally they read some books together – thank you Lime class, we enjoyed your company.

Elders had a problem on World Book day as their pens had quit! Elder class had to write persuasive letters (in pencil) in an attempt to get their pens back. Fingers crossed!

Dear year 6 letter

As a whole school, we had a very special message from author David Walliams (massive thanks go to Lara Cooper.)

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