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Welcome to Elder class, year 6



Remember we are walking to Golden Wood on Wednesday 26th June for a picnic. Please ensure your child has appropriate clothing, a sunhat and sun cream applied and that they bring a packed lunch and plenty of drinks with them. Thank you.

This link takes you to a webpage that gives advice on supporting your child through their transition to secondary school, which might be useful for you:


Spellings this term will be on Friday weekly instead of Thursday. Homework will continue to be Monday (due in Thursday) and Thursday (due in Monday).

PE this term is on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. Both sessions will be outside (weather permitting) so wrap up warm/apply your suncream!

Our learning this week:

In maths we are learning to:   use a calculator; begin to understand probability.

In English we are learning to: write an information leaflet; write a back story for a character.

In science we are learning to: understand rock types

This week

Elder class had a theatre workshop session based on Herbert’s Horrors today. They focussed on feelings and how feelings were portrayed in the performance.

It was lovely to see Elder class reading outside in the sunshine with Acorn and Oak classes on Friday afternoon. Such lovely relationships were evident.

Elder class enjoyed triple jump in PE, followed by speed stacking.

Elder class watched a pirate performance from the Theatre Royal.

Here are a few of the 800+ photos we took at Kingswood. A great time was had by all. Special thanks to Mr Noonan and Mr Seggie for coming along with us.

What a fabulous day Elder class had at Shimpling Park Farm. They rode in the trailer, visited the grain store, calculated how much to charge per hour as a tractor driver with their own tractor, made bootjacks, watched lorries loading up oats and even saw inside the cab of a lorry bound for Carlisle before they went on a beautiful sensory walk. Good times!

Elder class has lots of fun during French morning. They completed a quiz, wrote a postcard in French and did a scavenger hunt. Great motivation and cooperation!

In science, Elder class solved a separation problem using their cooperation and motivation skills.

We have started rehearsing our end of year play. Elder class you have made a great start and your singing is fabulous!

Elder class are learning about crime and punishment through the ages. They learnt about Anglo-Saxon times this week and discovered they were quite a harsh bunch when it came to punishments. The class wrote reports about what they have learnt.

Elder class have written short stories using a picture or an opening line as a stimulus. They did a great job at interweaving narrative and dialogue and building suspense.

Elder class worked hard to make their second enterprise event a success. There was lots of cooperation and motivation evident.

Mia proudly showed the certificate she received for passing her singing exam to the class.

SATS day 4: completed and celebratory cake eaten!

SATS day 3: arithmetic and reasoning paper 1 completed. Still all smiling.

SATS day2: reading completed! Now enjoying cricket in the sunshiné

SATS day 1: grammar and spelling papers completed and all still smiling. Good day!

Elders played Million pound drop spag! Grammar has never been so exciting or competitive! Special congratulations to Fergus who managed to keep his £1000000!


There was some great batting and fielding in rounders this week. Cooperation and motivation were there to be seen. Great sportsmanship too.

This week in science, Elder class were investigating which solvents were most effective at removing nail varnish.  There was great motivation and cooperation evident across the class.

In English this week, Elder class wrote speeches about the two items they would send to Room 101 ready to make their speeches to the KS2 classes. I discovered how excellent Elders are at the art of persuasion! Great speeches which were well presented to Lime, Horse Chestnut and Willow classes – well done!

In science Elder class planned an investigation into dissolving. There was some fabulous cooperation and motivation to be seen.

We became Internet Legends today courtesy of Google. Elder class really impressed the Google trainers with their excellent knowledge of e-safety. We will make sure we are sharp, alert, secure, kind and brave when we are online.

Elder class began learning about solvents and solutes today. We started off with a bang (well a very large fizzy fountain) courtesy of a packet of Mentos and a bottle of diet cola!

After the excitement of the Mentos fountain, Elder class investigated whether water or ethanol were the better solvent of salt. The results gave most of Elder class a surprise.

In cricket with Tom this week there was some fantastic striking of the ball. The fielders were on form too with some great throws.

Rosie told the class all about her Young Farmers’ rally at the weekend and showed them lots of photos of the event. Her group won the whole event – great teamwork!

Elder class listened to the poem ‘Chocolate Cake’ by Michael Rosen this week and then wrote a 3rd person and a 1st person narrative drawing their ideas from the poem. There was some great work, which really impressed me with its creativity.

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