Elder Class Updates

Welcome to Elder class, year 6

Teacher: Mrs Kemp

Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bigg

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Dack/Ms Sevindi


Just a reminder that PE is on a Monday morning and the children are welcome to come to school in their PE kits (bringing their uniform in to change into after the lesson).

Our learning this week (commencing 13th January 2020):

In maths we are learning to: understand percentages, convert fractions to percentages; solve problems involving percentages.

In English we are learning to:  write a persuasive leaflet and letter.

In science we are learning to: undertake an investigation we planned.

Look at what we have been doing this week in Elder class:

Week ending 17th January 2020:

Kagera Day was great fun! We learnt some Swahili, danced, made toys from recycled products, learnt to count in Swahili, made clothing out of kangas, made a printed banner and played some African-themed games.

In computing, Elder class were researching Bletchley Park using the ipads. Great cooperation seen.

Lola and Lulu have set up their own singing club for KS2. The first session was brilliant and the singing was amazing. Great motivation.

For early morning work, the class had a picture and they had to write a description showing atmosphere. There were some excellent descriptions to read.

In science, Elder class did an investigation in groups to discover the effect of mixing hydrogen sodium bicarbonate with citric acid. They then planned their own investigation for next week’s lesson. Superb cooperation and stickability.

Week ending 10th January 2020:

Elder class have had a busy first week back in school.

In English the children have written a setting description and a character description based on a short film called ‘Eye of the Storm’. They have used adjectives, similes and metaphors for description and used amplification to focus on small elements of a scene/character.

In art, Elder class looked at the work of Hundertwasser and used a view finder to sketch small parts of his work into their sketchbooks.

Week ending 19th December 2019:

Elder class enjoyed trying to crack codes in computing. They learnt about pig pen codes, acrostic codes, nth letter codes and cipher codes. there was great cooperation and stickability evident.

Elders had great fun with the Christmas themed props in the photo booth!

Week ending 13th December 2019:

We have been writing a narrative based on the short film The Piano. The class have really impressed me with their work, which shows great creativity.

In geography we have been learning about the impact of global warming around the world. For their half term homework, the class researched renewable sources of energy, which could be used to combat the rise in carbon dioxide in the world’s atmosphere, which is contributing to rising temperatures.


Brook’s renewable Energy Presentation

Grace wind power


Solar Power Emma

Wave Energy Lewis

Week ending 6th December

Elder class thoroughly enjoyed making their mincemeat and hot chocolate dippers during their decoration morning on Friday.

Several of the class presented their half term projects on sustainable energy sources to the rest of the class.

We finished our maths unit of work on fractions by trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle of matching equivalent fractions. There was fabulous cooperation, stickability and motivation evident throughout the class. Brook and Rosie solved the puzzle first hotly followed by many other pairs. I was super-impressed with you all.

Elder class had a great trip to King Edward VI Upper School to watch ‘We Will Rock You’. The performance was quite exceptional and, as always, Elder class did themselves and Mrs Bigg and I proud.

Elder class practised shooting in hockey this week. It was very competitive!

Elder class enjoyed making Christingles in the morning. In the afternoon they went to church for our Christingle service and Callum and Ned represented the class in presenting the monies raised and lighting the candles.

Week ending 29th November

Elder class made some fabulous ‘exploding books’ about the moon and space exploration. They researched the information for their booklet and then designed their own layout and presentation. They look fabulous on our display.

Having made burgers from a recipe and investigated different herbs, spices and dressings, Elder class finally made their own recipe burgers. We had turkey, beef and vegetarian patties with a whole host of different spices and flavourings. The classroom smelled delicious. I hope they tasted as good as they looked!

Week ending 22nd November

Elder class have been writing letters home in the character of a soldier in the trenches in World War 1. We have been doing the letter as a slow write – writing a paragraph each day by drafting then editing and finally writing a polished paragraph. The class have really impressed me with their attempts to use interesting vocabulary and to try to give a vivid image of the events of their day.

Elder class had another great hockey lesson with Jerry. They practised their dribbling skills and their passing including some fancy passes that involved flicking the ball into the air!


Otto proudly shared with us his certificate for organising the fundraiser to raise money for Help for Heroes.

Week ending 15th November

Elder class enjoyed playing the instruments in music this week. They used notes A, G and B. Elders are learning a song too.

A massive well done to Otto for organising our what’s for Heroes fundraiser in school. He raised an impressive £133.

In science Elders were investigating why we have night and day. They used table lamps and a globe to replicate the sun and the Earth. They researched shadows too.

We finally had hockey with Jerry – although it was a bit damp at times. We practised dribbling, passing and defending.

A massive well done to Holly, Lulu and Emma for raising an amazing £150 for Children in Need from their bake sale.


Week ending 8th November 2019:

Elders used In Flanders Field as a stimulus  for writing their own cinquain poems. They picked out key phrases and descriptive language from the original poem to support their writing.

Elder class showed great cooperation working together to write a cinquain poem about a picture linked to World War 1.

In DT Elder class made sauces – BBQ, salsa and tzatziki – and then tasted them to see which they liked best. They were delicious!

In PE, Elder class were making sequences in groups using the apparatus in the hall.

Week ending 1st November 2019:

Elder class took part in our Lord’s Prayer Enrichment day with the rest of the school. It was lovely to see the children all working together and supporting each other. I had many positive comments from other members of staff about the Elders throughout the day – well done!

Elder class enjoyed their visit to watch Macbeth on Tuesday and then their performance on Wednesday evening. You were absolutely fabulous and showed fantastic motivation, cooperation and creativity. We are super-proud of you all!

In DT Elder class made burgers – beef, turkey and vegetarian. They showed great cooperation and motivation. The best part of the cooking was the tasting session! Everyone tried all three burgers and then rated each one out of 10. Finally, they thought about how the taste of each of the burgers could be improved.

Week ending 18th October:

A massive thank you to the year 6 parents who came in today to work with the children to make cheese straws for the harvest event. Great cooperation was evident amongst the children and the cheese straws were delicious! Well done on your prayers and songs in the church too, Elders.

Elders had their penultimate rehearsal with Annie on Wednesday. Some final tweaks were made. The excitement is definitely building!

Elder class did some fantastic presentations about their Great Britons. They were informative and so well researched. Well done!

Emma Florence Nightingale


Holly presented her information about Charles Darwin to the class and also made a cake to show his voyage on The Beagle. It was delicious!

William Booth Project Homework Lewis Marshall 11.10.19

Emmeline pankhurst version 2 Otto

Harry made a fabulous video about  Isambard Kingdom Brunel.




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