Elder Class Updates

Welcome to Elder class, year 6

Teacher: Mrs Kemp

Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bigg

Learning Support Assistant: Miss Brook


Just a reminder that PE is on a Monday morning and the children are welcome to come to school in their PE kits (bringing their uniform in to change into after the lesson). After half term our second PE session each week will be Tuesday afternoons.

Remember Elder class have their visit to the theatre to watch Macbeth on Tuesday 29th October (pick up from school at 5pm) and their Macbeth performance on Wednesday 30th October (pick up from the Theatre Royal at 6.45pm).

Please ensure you complete your application for your child’s secondary place by 31st October.

Our learning this week:

In maths we are learning to: understand factors and multiples; understand abundant and perfect numbers; recognise prime numbers up to 100; solve problems involving factors, multiples and prime numbers.

In English we are learning to: write an information text using relative clauses and varied sentence openers.

In science we are learning to: distinguish between heliocentric and geocentric ideas of planetary movement.

Look at what we have been doing this week in Elder class:

Week ending 18th October:

Elder class did some fantastic presentations about their Great Britons. They were informative and so well researched. Well done!

Emma Florence Nightingale


Holly presented her information about Charles Darwin to the class and also made a cake to show his voyage on The Beagle. It was delicious!

William Booth Project Homework Lewis Marshall 11.10.19

Emmeline pankhurst version 2 Otto

Harry made a fabulous video about  Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Week ending 11th October:

In English this week we wrote a balanced argument on who the more evil character in Macbeth is: Macbeth or Lady Macbeth. We used our knowledge of the play as we have been rehearsing with Annie ready for our performance on 30th October.

In science we considered the flat Earth v spherical Earth debate. We could use our skills from our English writing to help us with the balanced argument style.

We had our final Explore Outdoor session. Our instructors felt that we had made a lot of progress in our team working skills during the sessions. Our stickability has developed due to the tricky problems we have had to solve too.

Week ending 4th October:

In science we were looking at shadows: how they form, how to change the size and shape of them and when all materials create a shadow.

Elder class enjoyed their visit to the church to investigate incarnation and symbols of Jesus within the church.

Callum showed fabulous creativity by having his artwork published in a magazine. I am sure you will agree that his picture is stunning. Well done, Callum!

Week ending 27th September:

In RE we have been thinking about the different ways that Jesus is depicted in images. We looked at Antonia Rolls ‘Jesus on the Tube’ and drew pictures of what it might be like if Jesus visited our families.

We began rehearsing our scenes with Annie this week. To start off with we had to work as a group and individually to depict various scenes from the play.

In science we learnt about refraction and completed two experiments to see the effect of refraction.

Elders had another great session with Explore Outdoor solving problems by working as a team.


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