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     Lime Class – Year 3

             Welcome to our class page!

       Our class teacher is Miss Brill and our teaching assistant is Mrs Strawson.

Notices & Reminders for this half term

PE this term is Mondays and Thursdays- children will need to come to school dressed for PE


Autumn Term Newsletter – Lime Class 2020

This is what we are learning this week: 16.11.20

English-Creating and planning our own narrative based on a text
Maths– Multiplication and division
Science– Looking at the different food groups

Have a look at what we have been up to…

Lime Class have had a great week. So many personal victories and achievements in our learning. We enjoyed the last week of our Geography topic and carrying out more experiments in Science. 

Geography-In our Geography lessons we have been learning about Earthquakes. The children have loved this unit and been so motivated and focused. We carried out an experiment this week using eggs to symbolise the Earth and the cracks that formed when we dropped the eggs symbolised the tectonic plates cracking.

P.E-Our PE lesson this week focused on throwing and passing of balls. We looked at a chest pass. The children played a game in small groups demonstrating their chest passes.

Science-Our Science topic this half term has been Light. We carried out an experiment looking at how shadows are made and what equipment we would need to make the experiment fair.

Philosophy-In our philosophy lesson this week we looked at ‘rules’ and what makes a good rule. We came up with rules that would be good to have in School and performed a short role play to show the rest of the class.

We have had another exciting week of learning in Lime Class. We had a trip down to the Village Hall, a big write and some fantastic effort in our Maths. 

Maths-In our maths lessons this week we have focused on addition and subtraction and methods that we can use to work out our number sentences. The children created a human place value chart and recapped exchanging 10 ones for 1 ten.

English – Our trip to meet Snowy the Rabbit. We used all the facts we learnt about Snowy and other Rabbits in our writing this week. The children produced some amazing Non-Chronological reports and were able to tell me so many interesting facts about Rabbits. 

Science-In our science lesson this week we have still be focusing on Light. We looked at Transparent, Translucent and Opaque materials and investigated what materials would be good to use for a pair of curtains. The children carried out investigations in the classroom.

P.E-In our PE lessons this week we have looked at jumping and the techniques we need to use for jumping. We used different apparatus to look at different jumps and ended the lesson with some skipping. The children really enjoyed using a big skipping rope and were extremely supportive of each other.

Spelling- The children have been so focused with their spelling this week and been so engaged during our spelling lessons. We have looked at a new spelling rule and practiced our weekly spellings using shaving foam.

We have had a great week in Lime class. It has been filled with Harvest celebrations and creativity. The children have amazed me with their cooperation and resourcefulness and made the most out of our learning experiences. 

Harvest- As part of our Harvest celebrations we learnt a poem about scarecrows and what their role is during the Harvest seasons. We then designed and created our own Scarecrows. The children had so much fun and were so creative, their designs are fantastic! They worked in teams and stuffed their scarecrows with straw, they showed great stickability even when it proved to be a challenge. DWQO3740[1]

Take a look at the Harvest Poem that we learnt. The children impressed with with their ability to remember all the words!QYKH5894[1]

English-In English this week we have been looking at Non-chronological reports. We have focused on the features and structure. We looked at a variety of different Non-Chronological reports and re-arranged them in the correct order.

Maths-In our maths lesson this week we have focused on our new unit of addition and subtraction and using a range of different methods. Including column method.

PE-In our PE lesson this week we have been continuing with our athletics and focusing on running and our running skills. We did some competitive racing this week for an interschool competition. The children were so encouraging and supportive of each other.

Lime Class have been amazing this week. Their efforts and attitude towards learning has been fantastic and has enabled us to have a week filled with fun learning experiences.

English- In English this week we have been working on performance poetry. The class compiled together some ideas about what could feature in their poem. We used our class text as a basis and the children mind mapped their ideas together. After discussing the features of a poem and listening to a few performed by Michael Rosen, the children finally performed theirs today. I was so impressed with their efforts and their rhyming words .

DT- During DT this week we made our moving monsters. The children created pneumatic systems using boxes, pipes, balloons, bottles and materials to attach the resources. They really enjoyed our afternoon and were fascinated by the moving aspect to their monster.

Anti-Bullying Assembly- This week we took part in the national assembly about bullying, we discussed what a support network is. As a class we discussed that each of us may have a different support network and displayed them on a cut out of our hands. The children took part in a great class discussion and have nominated two Anti-Bullying ambassadors.

Maths– In maths this week we have focused on different methods to use for our addition and subtraction. We used number lines and partitioned our 1 digit numbers to help make our jumps more manageable. The children impressed me with their stickability this week.


Spellings– In our spelling lessons this week we have focused on contraction words and the use of  apostrophes in contractions. The children were set the challenge of finding the two words that are contracted together to form the contraction word.

Computing- In computing we have been looking at being safe on the internet and sending emails. Each pair were given an email address to use in school which allowed them to send me emails. The task was set to send me an email with an attachment. As you can see from their faces, the children found this extremely entertaining.


This week in Lime class we have had another fantastic week. 

PE– In our PE lessons we have been focusing on Athletics and using our sprinting techniques to compete in relay races.

English– The children have been so engaged with our English lessons this week. We had a class debate over whether we thought Leon should or shouldn’t go into the box. The class produced some fantastic persuasive writing.  We then finished the rest of the book this afternoon and discussed whether our opinion had changed.


Maths– In our maths lessons this week we have focused on comparing numbers using our ‘greater than’ ‘less than’ and ‘equal too’ symbols. The children were able to find a partner with another number and use the appropriate symbol for the number sentence.

DT- During DT this week we started to plan our ‘Moving Monster’ that will feature our pneumatic system. Some of the class have decided they would like their monster to feature  eyes that get smaller and larger using a balloon. Others have opted for straws and syringes to create a pneumatic system. They have been so creative.

Reading– This week three children enjoyed their Hot Chocolate as their reward for successfully completing the class reading challenge.

We have had another great but  busy week in Lime class. 

We enjoyed our PE lesson this week, creating our own warm ups and working on our sprinting techniques.

In Maths we have used our base 10 to help work out ten more and ten less than a number. 

We had two Friday treats this week, we started the day by practicing our spellings with shaving foam. We then had our first zoom assembly with Mrs Lamb.

We enjoyed our second forest school session this week. We were able to enjoy food on the campfire, which the children loved! The highlight of the session was the Toad that was found.

We had a great time at Forest School this week, exploring natural materials. 

We enjoyed starting our new topic in DT – Moving Monsters.

PE was lots of fun this week, we worked on our sprinting techniques.