Acorn Class Archive

Acorn Class 2018-19

Summer Term 2

ow what a week we have had! We have been really lucky to have some fantastic experiences in Acorn class this week.

First, we had a visit from the Theatre Royal BSE to watch a performance of ‘The Goose that Flew’. On Thursday, we then took part in a theatre workshop linked to the story.

On Wednesday, we had our class trip! We went to Walton on the Naze with Ash and Oak class and had the best time ever! We had so much fun! We made sandcastles, went paddling in the sea, went on a scavenger hunt and played parachute and beach games. Topped off with a picnic on the beach and an ice lolly to finish it all off! What a day!

Finally, we ended our week releasing our butterflies! We have really enjoyed watching the journey from caterpillar to butterfly.

This week has been all about spiders! We learnt some spider facts, went searching for spider webs, made our own sound spiders and even made our own spiders in a web.

In Maths, we were inspired by the story ‘Spinderella’ to have a go at some problem solving. We had a go at sorting ourselves into teams just like in the story and played a game of cups and saucers. We had to think of a way to record our scores.

We also had to solve another problem- Mrs Marsden’s welly boots were all in a muddle. The Acorns had to sort them out, count them and work out how many children could wear them.

On Friday, we took part in the Seed to Tree programme and had our introduction to Golden Wood. We walked through the village to visit Golden Wood and enjoyed a nature hunt whilst we were there.

Our rainbow challenges have continued this week and has been faced with lots of enthusiasm. Challenges this week have included a spinner time challenge, playdough name writing and puzzle building. We have seen so many learning behaviours used from these challenges- well done Acorns!

In Music, Dr N-J brought some new instruments for us to explore! The banjo and the violin! We learnt about how they are made and the different sounds they make and then we had a go at playing them. We also enjoyed a go at country dancing with Dr N-J playing the music- it made us laugh a lot!

In Maths this week we have been learning about halving! We have halved playdough, fruit, biscuits and then numbers! We made a jam sandwich and had to demonstrate our understanding by cutting it in half. Some even had a go at cutting quarters!

This term we have begun ‘The rainbow challenge’. Throughout the week, 6 different coloured challenges will appear in our provision. If we choose to complete them, we collect a coloured stick. If we have all 6 coloured sticks by the end of the week, we get a prize!

Here is a little selection of some of our challenges this week!

On Wednesday, we enjoyed a french enrichment morning with Oak class. We learnt the french colours and animals, played counting games and built Eiffel Towers!


Summer Term 1

In Maths this week, we have been measuring and comparing distance! We started out by comparing jumps and then compared the distances different cars can go down a ramp. We even had a snail race with our pet snails Lionel and Turbo! Let’s just say, they didn’t get very far!

We enjoyed our last Rugbytots session this week- we have enjoyed it so much! We finished our session with a parachute game where we had to keep all the rugby balls on the parachute as we shook it.

In Maths this week, we have been concentrating on ordering numbers and trying to find missing numbers in a number line. We had missing apples that we needed to peg up in the right order on the washing line and missing coins that needed to find a way back to the treasure chest!

We have been painting minibeasts too. We really focused on the shapes, patterns and colours and were so pleased with the results.

In Forest Schools this week, we cooked sausages and hammered nails. Lots of fun had by all!

This week’s rugby session took place on the playground. We had to move in lots of different ways whilst holding the rugby ball and we even had some practising at throwing the ball in pairs. We finished with a game where Larry the coach had to get all our tags off our tag belts. SO MUCH giggling and it was lovely to see Acorn class work so well as a team!

We had another great forest school session this week! We had a go at sawing wood and making our own badge necklace. We enjoyed the rope swing too!

In Maths this week, Acorn class have been practising our adding and taking away by playing lots of practical Maths games. We used our mathematical vocabulary to talk about the actions we made in the games and even had a go at recording some number sentences. This is us playing a game of ‘Ten Nice Things’.

We took part in a colour mixing experiment this week. We squirted shaving foam into zip lock bags and dropped two different colours of food colouring. We had to predict what colour we would made and then we got down to some serious squishing! We were pretty proud of the results!

In Forest Schools this week, we all had a go at the tight rope! Mrs Marsden was soooooo impressed by how brave everyone was!

We have only been back a few days but boy did we manage to fit lots in! We have decided to call Thursdays for this term ‘Crazy Thursdays’ as we are lucky enough to enjoy a extra P.E session and our forest school sessions for this half term.

We started our morning with a rugby session ran by a coach from Rugbytots. We absolutely loved it! We learnt how to hold a rugby ball and tried different ways of running with it in our hands. We also played a game where we had to get all the rugby ball shaped easter eggs in our teams hoop. We finished off with a rugby themed game of ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ but this time it was ‘What’s the score Mr Wolf?’. So much fun!

In the afternoon we had our first forest school session with Holly. There was so many exciting activities to explore. We lit a fire, swung in the hammock, went pond dipping and drilled holes in the logs. The smiles say it all!

Spring 1 & 2

Our week of Easter fun began with Easter Bonnet morning. We invited our families in to come and help make an Easter bonnet. We then went on a parade around the school to show everyone our amazing creations!

We had an Easter egg hunt on the field with Ash and Oak class. We had to search for 2 coloured cubes before we could claim our yummy egg!

This week, we have been innovating our story of ‘We’re going on a Lion Hunt’. We thought of new things we could search for and where we could look for them. We changed our lion hunt story maps by adding post-it notes with our new ideas. Have a look at our ideas!

In R.E this week, we learnt about the story of Palm Sunday. We acted out Jesus and the donkey walking over the palm leaves while the crowd cheered! We learnt about the meaning of the cross and ate hot cross buns. Yum!

There has been a interest of making books this week in our child initiated play! We have seen lots of keen authors having a go at writing their own stories! All completely independent- WOW!

In Maths this week, we have been learning about teen numbers. We have been working hard at recognising, ordering and counting teen numbers in lots of different ways!!

This week, our lion hunting has continued!!! We have been practising our story using actions. Mrs Marsden is going to film it so we can show our parents! We also had a go at drawing our own story maps this week. We chose to do it independently or with our friends and Mrs M was amazed by what we produced. Acorn class was full to the brim with learning behaviours creativity, co-operation and independence!

Mud was very popular in our outside area this week. We have discovered new areas to dig and we have explored roots, worms and mixing with mud! It was messy but very, very FUN!!!

n Topic this week, we visited Africa!! We went on our very own Acorn safari searching for African animals. We wrote a list of what we found. We learnt about what it is like to live in Kenya and explored colour mixing by painting our own Savannah sunset pictures.

In Maths this week, we have been working with ten frames. We have been learning to recognise an amount on the ten frame and how many different ways we can show a number.

Something else very exciting happened in Acorn class this week! Our fairies in our fairy garden moved in!!! They are called Bluebell and Midge and absolutely love receiving letters. They caused quite a stir – we have been non stop independent writing all week! They even left us some magical fairy pencils to write with as a present. We post them in the special fairy jar and then in the morning we check if they have written back to us.

This week has been a busy one!

On Tuesday, we celebrated Pancake Day! We set up our very own Acorn Pancake cafe. We wrote our own orders and then took it in turns to make our friend a pancake. We then realllllyyyy enjoyed eating them- yum yum yum!

On Thursday, All Saints celebrated World Book Day by coming in as our favourite book characters. All our lovely little Acorns looked amazing! We spent the day celebrating books, sorting out our reading area, having a book scavenger hunt and also inviting Ash class to read with us. What a fun day!



In Topic this week, we visited Italy! We had so much fun learning some Italian words and about all the different buildings in Italy. We found Italy on the map and found it very funny that it is shaped like a boot! We decided to make Italian pizzas- we had lots of fun stretching out the dough and adding our toppings. Yum!

Our Italian theme featured in our Maths lessons too! We have been learning the names and properties of 3D shapes. We had a go at building towers with them and decided to make our own Leaning Towers of cubes, cuboids and cylinders!


In Topic this week, we visited France! We were very lucky to have Ines mummy come in  to teach us some french words. We learnt how to say hello, goodbye, please, thank you and how to count to 10. We sang some songs in french and played a french game!

Mrs M challenged us to have a go at building our own versions of the Eiffel Tower and then we tried tasting some french foods.


In Literacy, we have been enjoying the story ‘PenguinPig’. We decided to create our own unsual characters by merging zoo and farm animals. We had great fun thinking of unusual things that our characters could do!

We celebrated Chinese New Year last week with our friends in Oak class. We enjoyed tasting some Chinese food and made Chinese lanterns. We also made our very own dancing dragons and took part in the chopstick challenge! We finished our morning by taking part in a parade around the school showing off our lanterns and dragons. We wished everyone a ‘Happy New Year!’. Gung Hay Fat Choi!


In Maths, we have been learning how to takeaway objects from a set of objects and count how many is left. We had a go at an activity where we would put a number of objects under a blanket, take some away and then try and work out how many were left without looking! We used our fingers to help us!

Mrs M introduced word searches to Acorn class this week in Phonics. They went down a storm!!

On Tuesday we had our Bird Enrichment day with Ash and Oak class. We had such a fun time learning all about different birds. We went bird watching around the school grounds and then we made bird feeders. We also made bird masks. We listened to different bird calls and then we worked in teams to make our own bird nests. It turned into quite the competition and the teachers were very impressed by all the different use of resources. Lot’s of co-operation too!


In Topic, we have been learning about Australia. We had a go at our own Aboriginal dot paintings by using cotton buds and paint.

It snowed this week so Acorn class had a chance to explore the ice and snow in our outside area! Mrs M gave us a challenge to throw snowballs at the 100 square and see what numbers you could splat!


Morning yoga has been extremely popular in Acorn class. We haven’t been able to complete the Lawshall mile due to the weather so we decided that yoga would be a good alternative! It is the most quiet Acorn class has ever been!!!


In Literacy, we have been have been exploring the story of ‘The Naughty Bus’. We made a class story map and retold the story. We discovered that our very own naughty bus got up to some mischief over night! He even managed to get into Mrs Lamb’s office and the snails tank! We came up with some ideas of other naughty things the naughty bus might get up to and made our own story maps with our new ideas. We decided to make our own story book called ‘The Naughty Night Bus’ and wrote sentences to make up the pages of our book. It has led to lots of independent writing this week and bus themed craft!

In Topic, we were really lucky to have a visit from Persephone’s Grandad who kindly came to talk to us about the country Canada.

Acorn class have not let the cold weather stop us this week! Some of the class made their own obstacle course in the outside area. We saw lots of co-operation and independence whilst make this!

In P.E, we are have been practising our ball skills. We used different parts of our feet to move the ball around the playground. We then had a go at scoring goals!

In Topic we have been learning about the United Kingdom and we ‘visited’ London! We painted pictures of the London landmarks and built our own Big Ben!

We have continued to practice our addition skills using numicon this week. We have been reading number sentences and then matching them with numicon pieces to find the answers.

We began a new topic today and it has caused quite a stir! It’s called ‘Around the World’ and has been completely initiated by our Acorns. They have decided they want to learn all about different countries so we are going to ‘visit’ a country each week. This week we learnt all about planet Earth. We had a go at making our own planet Earth pictures.

In Maths, we introduced the add sign and talked about how to add two sets of objects together to find the total.

In Literacy, we have been learning about the difference between letters and words. We played a ‘Mystery Word’ game where we had to build words and then work out what they mystery word was from the letters left over! It was a popular game!!

Autumn 2

This week’s main event has been our performance of ‘A Wriggly Nativity’ to our families and the rest of the school. We sung, we danced and we smiled! Mrs Marsden and Mrs Witthuhn were SO proud of our Acorns!

In Maths this week, we have been learning about money. We were introduced to the British coins and we talked about their weight, colour, size and value. We sorted the coins first and then we made our own Acorn class shop. We picked items to put in our shopping basket, read the price tags and then paid the shop keeper with the correct coin. This was such a popular activity that we even set up our own snack shop and paid with coins for our snack!

We started this week celebrating Christingle. We made Christingles in the morning and then enjoyed a Christingle service in the church in the afternoon.

On Thursday, we had a quite an exciting day. We started the day taking part in our first Christmas decoration morning where we invited our families to come and help us make lots of Christmas craft. What made it even more exciting is that we wore Christmas jumpers too ! Thank you to all for coming- we loved it!

If that wasn’t enough, we then enjoyed our Christmas lunch. Yum, Yum, Yum!

This week in Maths, we have been finding out how to find one less than a given number. We had a go at jumping up the number line to find one more and jumping down the number line to find one less. We then had a go at using objects to work it out, remembering to take one away and count them again.

We have been learning the actions to the story of The Gingerbread Man. We even had a go at changing the story- we decided a gorilla, a unicorn and a leopard were going to chase the gingerbread man in our story!

We ended the week on a trip to the Pantomime to see ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Acorn Class made Mrs M so so proud by being on their best behaviour. We had such a good time and especially enjoyed eating our lunch during the interval!!

In Literacy this week, we have been learning about the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We have been learning to retell the story using actions and made our own story maps. We designed, made and decorated our very own gingerbread men- yum, yum, yum! Later on in the week, we discovered that they had gone missing. We spent the rest of the day looking for the gingerbread man!

In Topic, we have been learning about weddings! We acted out a class wedding and this continued into the children’s busy time too! We talked about the roles in a wedding and what happens in a wedding ceremony.

In R.E, we have been reading the story of ‘The Nativity’. We have been talking about why Christians perform Nativity plays at Christmas. We had a go at dressing up like people from biblical times.

In P.E this week, we tried out our climbing skills on the ropes and the climbing frame.  We absolutely loved it! We talked about how to be safe on the apparatus and explored different ways to climb.


In Maths, we have been learning about length. We have compared different lengths of objects and ordered them from longest to shortest- even Mrs M’s scarves! We also had a go at measuring with cubes to see many cubes long some objects are.

In Topic, we have been learning about birthdays. We talked about the different ways we celebrate and how they celebrate birthdays around the world. We then found out it was our class snails Lionel and Turbo’s birthday on Friday! They are 3! So we decided to plan a party for them. We wrote lists of what we needed to do and then made cakes, hats, cards and presents for them. On Friday we had a party complete with party games, blowing out candles and gift giving. Lionel and Turbo especially enjoyed their cucumber present- their favourite!

This week we have been celebrating Diwali as part of our ‘Celebrations’ topic. We had such a fun day learning about how Diwali is celebrated and the story of Rama and Sita. We made rangoli patterns with coloured rice, made coconut sweets, drew medhni patterns and created clay diva lamps!

In P.E, we practised our climbing and balancing skills. We explored lots of different apparatus experimenting with climbing onto or over them and even jumping off a few.

In Maths, we have been learning how to find 1 more than a given number. We used the idea of ‘people’ getting on buses to help us. We played a game where we had to pick a number card and put that amount of bears on the bus. We then pretended the bus had stopped and we had to work out how many bears would be on the bus if 1 more got on! We even acted it out with our own big bus in the outside area!

On Friday, we learnt about Remembrance day and why the poppy is significant on this day. We made our own poppy pictures using collage materials and we had a go at making poppies using loose parts. We also had a talk from Captain Spike (Peggy’s uncle), who came in to talk to us about life for the soldiers in the trenches in WW1.

We were super excited to discover our new role play area this week. We had voted for what we had wanted before half term and the results was a post office! We have learnt about what happens in a post office and the job of a post worker. It has been very popular and we have seen lots of independent writing this week!

In Literacy we have been learning about labels! We have been label spotting around the classroom and then had a go at labelling things ourselves. We used our phoneme fingers to segment the sounds and then wrote the sounds we knew. We especially enjoyed drawing round each other on a big piece of paper and labelling parts of the body!

We started our new topic this week with a bang! We learnt about why we celebrate bonfire night and enjoyed making our own firework pictures.

Autumn 1

On Transfer day, we made puppets of ourselves for a class display. We had to think about our hair and eye colour and what we will wear when we start school! In the afternoon, we decorated our magical me boxes ready to take home over the summer holidays.

Our first day as official Acorns was a complete success! We learnt about the school rules and spent time exploring our new learning environment.

Wow, what a first week as Acorn class! Mrs M and Mrs W have been so so proud of our little Acorns for settling in to school life so well. We have learnt new routines and battled tiredness but we did it!

Here we are with our best line yet! Thumbs up all round!

We had our first ever P.E lesson where we practised our throwing and catching skills with bean bags.

We enjoyed our first music lesson with Dr Noble-Jamieson with lots of singing and dancing!

We have been exploring our new learning environment and have already made some great discoveries. We spent a day making coloured bubbles with scrubbing brushes. We discovered what happens when we put a magnet near paperclips. We created our own dinosaur world and we enjoyed stories such as ‘Pete the Cat’ and ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’.

Acorn class has completed their second week at big school and we are so proud of how well they have settled in to school life.

We started our week with P.E and was able to get changed for P.E in 15 minutes- AMAZING!!!! We were pretty chuffed with ourselves!

In Maths this week, we focused on numbers 2 and 3. We became ‘Two Detectives’ and found ‘Twos’ all around the room!

On our ‘3’ day, we played noughts and crosses and tried to get lines of 3’s!!

On Friday we enjoyed a visit from Elder class where they came and read to us. What a perfect end to a busy week!

his week we have been learning about 2D shapes! We went on a shape hunt to find shapes around our classroom and outside area. We then discovered some shape monsters who needed feeding! We matched the shapes and talked about corners and sides of each one.

We had a special art project this week. We have been asked to produce some art to be displayed in Bury St Edmunds Cathedral for Remembrance day. We talked about the poppy and what it represents with Oak and Ash class. We explored colour mixing with red, black and white paint. We then experimented printing with different objects over a poppy template.

In Literacy and Phonics we have been learning how to segment to spell. We used our phoneme fingers and phoneme frames to help us!

In Maths, we celebrated the number 6! We used the dots on the dice as help to recognise 6 objects and even made our very own Numblock 6 character. Mrs M challenged us to find items around the classroom- we were 6 detectives. Look what we found!

In busy time this week we discovered some boxes! We had sooo many ideas of what we could do with them- we made it into a spaceship, a tunnel and enjoyed painting it! Who would have thought a box would be so much fun!

In Maths we have been practising our counting. We have focused on counting objects. We talked about how we need to touch each item and say the number name as we count. Mrs M has given us lots of counting challenges throughout the week- even giving us a shopping list of items to find and count out!

In Music, we love songs where we can do actions. Here we are enjoying a bit of ‘Row, Row, Row your boat’.

In P.E, we had a go at scoring and defending. We worked in pairs to stop the ball getting into the goal.

We were introduced to our school’s learning behaviours. This week we focused on independence. Mrs M challenged us to be experts in a variety of tasks including changing for P.E, cutting up our lunch and those tricky buttons. We all gave it a go at doing it independently! Well done Acorns!


In Topic, we have been learning about the 5 senses. We used our taste sense this week to try some new foods! We tried grapefruit, honey, popcorn and lemon and then decided whether they were bitter, sour, sweet or salty.

In R.E we have been learning all about Tom and Tessa who are Christians. We have discussed what happens in a church and so was super excited to experience our first visit to the church for our Harvest rehearsal. We spotted all the crosses we could see! Mrs M was incredibly proud of how well behaved we were in the church.

In Acorn class we celebrate democracy. We have been voting for what we want for our end of day story book and also what we want for our role play area next half term. We talked about how it is fair as everyone has been able to offer their opinion and voice. It also brought out some great mathematical language as we compared amounts and talked about how many more one has than another.

In Maths, we have been having lots of fun recognise, creating and exploring repeating patterns. We have used shapes, colours, movement and even people to create the patterns.