Acorn Class Archive

Acorn Class 2019-2020

Autumn 1

Week commencing 14th October:

We have been using our senses this half term as part of our topic ‘Marvellous Me’. This week, we went on a Autumn walk to explore our sight, hearing and smell. We had a checklist to look out for things to spot that was a sign of Autumn.  We explored the changes in leaf colours and listen for birds. Our best spot was definitely the squirrel!

Acorn class have been teaching Mrs Marsden all about Forky this week. They have been talking to them during busy time so we decided to make our own! This was very popular!


Week commencing 7th October:

We have learnt about a new learning behaviour this week- ‘Co-operation’. We demonstrated this learning behaviour by working in teams to build puzzles! We negotiated and shared- Mrs M was very impressed!

We decided to go on a impromtu conker hunt this week outside the front of our school. We had a lot of fun trying the find the biggest and smallest conker!

We have managed to put our haul to good use- we have been counting, making patterns and even making letter shapes with them!

In Topic, we tested out our taste senses! We tried different foods and discussed whether it was sweet, salty, bitter or sour. We made some very funny faces when we tasted the lemon!

Week Commencing 30th September:

In Maths, we have been sorting and comparing quantities. We used our sorting skills from last week to sort the objects into two groups and then compare them. We learnt some new vocabulary- more, fewer and equal.

In P.E, we have been practising our catching skills. Tom challenged us to experiment with size balls. We found the ping pong balls the trickiest because they were just SO bouncy! We also tried to catch balls in cones. We worked in pairs- super co-operation Acorns!

Our finger gym challenge was very popular this week. We had to use the tweezers to put the pom-poms on the mat. Lot’s of stickability required!

Week Commencing 23rd September 2019:

It has been sorting week this week in Maths. We have sorted buttons, shells, dinosaurs, vehicles, animals and numbers. Mrs Marsden has challenged us to explain how we have sorted the objects and then she asked us to sort them AGAIN in a different way. We sorted by colours, shapes, types and we even sorted by number of legs!

In Literacy, we have been learning the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We retold the story using Pie Corbett actions and made a story map together as a class. We have made our own stick puppets and then acted out the story in the puppet theatre.

We had our final tennis lesson with Mr Hall. We used the rackets to control the tennis balls. We tried bouncing the balls on the rackets, trying not to let them fall off.

In Maths, we have been celebrating numbers 4 and 5. Our Numberblock friends have been helping us out to find different ways to make these numbers. We counted out 4 objects from a larger group. Mrs M tried to trick us by arranging them in different ways but we could still see they were 4. We then built towers with 5 connecting cubes. We tried to find different ways to make a tower with just 5 cubes.

In Literacy, we have been practising writing our names. We joined Mrs Marsden’s Dough Gym and have been having a dough disco in the mornings to warm up our finger! We had to spell our name using the unifix blocks for our finger gym challenge this week and we have been writing our name using chalks and pencils.

In Maths, we have been celebrating the number 2. We thought of different ways to show the number two. We used dice, objects, fingers and numicon. We also drew 2 things too!


We enjoyed our first P.E session with Tom Bigg. We rotated around lots of different challenges. We did lots of super turn taking!

We had made it through our first 3 days at big school- WELL DONE ACORNS! We have been enjoying exploring the classroom and outside area. We discovered worms in the sand pit, planted herbs in our planter and played with the ride-ons.

We also had a go at our first finger gym challenge, made a dinosaur museum and a icecream playdough shop.

We had our first P.E lesson with the tennis coach Mr Hall. We had a go at rolling the ball to each other using the tennis rackets.

We have ended every day with a thumbs up – well done Acorns! Mrs Marsden is very proud of you!