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Teacher: Mrs Marsden

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Beeton and Mrs Jackson

Notices & Reminders

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  • P.E on Tuesday- Don’t forget your P.E kits! If possible, please include P.E trousers and gloves as we will be outside.
  • Class Photographs are on Friday.

We are learning this week….

Week commencing 3rd February:

Literacy- We will be writing sentences using full stops and finger spaces.

Maths- This week, we will be continuing to look at 3D shapes and focusing on their properties. We will be sorting, naming and shape hunting!

Phonics- This week, we will  revisiting Phase 3 sounds ai, ee, igh and oa. We will be practising the formation of these letters and reading sight words. We will also learn tricky words ‘have’.

Topic- Our topic for this half term is ‘Around the World’. This week we will be learning about Antarctica and are very lucky to have a special visitor who will teach us about what it is like to live in Antarctica.

Look at what we have achieved last week…

Week Commencing 10th February 2020

In Maths, we have been learning 3D shapes! We have been building with them, rolling with them and sorting them. We have learnt the names and discussed the properties. We have also been singing the famous 3D shape song!

In Topic, we have been learning about Australia! We made Anzac biscuits and had a go at some Aboriginal dot paintings. We talked about the different Australian animals and landmarks and discussed how it is different to our country. We tried jumping like kangeroos and tried throwing a boomerang- trickier than you think!

Week Commencing 3rd February 2020

In Maths this week we have been celebrating the number 10!!! We used the numicon to find ways to match the number 10- Mrs Marsden would only let us use two pieces! We managed to find several different combinations to make 10 and some of us even decided to record them as number sentences!

In Phonics, we have been segmenting sounds to spell. We revisited the sounds j, v, w, x and y and we tried spelling some words with the magnetic letters.

We had a storyteller visit this week as part of KS2’s Mental Health Awareness week. We were very lucky for him to pay Acorn class an extra visit and we listened to a really fantastic story, joining in with the actions as we went! He even let us have a go on the thumb piano which had lots of interest.

Week Commencing 27th January 2020

Friday was our annual Birdwatch day! We joined Ash and Oak class to learn about different garden birds. We went birdwatching and made bird feeders. We also made some rather impressive bird masks which Acorn class insisted on wearing for the rest of the day. Another highlight was a visit from Stonham Barns who brought in a real live owl called Darwin. We learnt lots of facts about owls!


In P.E this week, we had a go at playing some Hockey! We learnt how to control the ball using the hockey sticks around the cones. We then tried a mini game 2 versus 2. Our aim was to get the ball into the oppositions goal to score a point.

Week Commencing 20th January

We learnt about Italy this week! We learnt about the famous landmarks in Italy and how to say hello in Italian. In true Italian style, we made pizzas! We rolled the dough and shaped it into a pizza base. We then spread the tomato sauce on the top and added our toppings! We were very excited to take it home to enjoy that day!

In Maths, we introduced the addition sign! We have been practising putting two sets of objects together and counting them all to find the answer. On Thursday, our friend Lily the Ladybird helped us with our adding! We found different ways to arrange her 8 dots on her 2 wings and then wrote the number sentence to go with it.

On Friday, we celebrated Chinese New Year with Oak class. We tasted Chinese food, make Chinese lanterns and dragons, had a go at Chinese writing and took part in the Chopstick Challenge. Gung Hay Fat Choi!

Week Commencing 13th January

In our topic lesson this week, we have been learning about our country Great Britain. We talked about the different parts of the UK and where to find it on our globe. We then learnt about London. We ‘visited’ all the sights- our favourite was definitely the Gherkin! We then made our own pictures of the London landmarks using lots of different techniques and resources.

In Maths, we have been finding out different ways to split 5 using the five frames and the part-part-whole model. First we played a game where we dropped 5 double sided counters and recorded how they landed. We then split 5 cubes into two hoops using the part-part-whole model.


Week Commencing 7th January

Our first week back after the Christmas holidays began with P.E. This term we are focusing on team games. We had a go at playing benchball and had to stop the balls from hitting the bench behind the other team.

We went to the church to celebrate Epiphany with the rest of the school. Some of us made crowns from recyclable materials  to wear to the service.

In Maths, we have been learning how to measure time. We learnt about how long 1 minute is and thought about what things we could do in 1 minute. We set out a obstacle course and timed how long it took us by counting. We then challenged ourselves to see how many times we could do the obstacle course in 1 minute. We recorded some results on a board.

In pairs, we then had a go at the 1 minute cup challenge. We took it in turns to be in charge of the 1 minute sandtimer and the other one had to build a tower with the stacking cups. We counted the cups to see who had the most!






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