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Teacher: Mrs Marsden

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Kenyon and Mrs Jackson

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P.E on Tuesday

Show and Tell on Friday- Amelia, Abi, Thomas, Phoebe, Arthur and Teddy.

We are learning this week….

Week commencing 18th November:

Literacy- We are going to continue to practice reading and writing captions this week by using the story of The Gingerbread Man. We are going to be writing captions to describe the Gingerbread man.

Maths- This week, we will be learning about positional language this week with the help of a runaway Gingerbread Man!

Phonics- This week, we will continuing Phase 3 by learning to read and recognise digraphs sh, ch, th, and ng. We will also be revisiting the new additions to our tricky word wall- me, be, we.

Topic- Our topic for this half term is ‘Let’s Celebrate!’ This week we will be focusing on weddings. We will discuss the different traditions and roles for a wedding and act out our wedding ceremony in our class!

Look at what we have achieved last week…

Week Commencing 11th November:

This week we learnt about Remembrance day and why it is such a important celebration for our country. We learnt about the significance of the poppy and made our own poppies to display in our classroom. It was such a popular activity and we were so proud of the results.

The wooden bricks have been really popular during our busy time this week- we have had new creations every day! Mrs M has been very impressed by how much co-operation was used- lots of teamwork to make the tallest towers! We had museums and rockets galore!

We have been learning how to read and write labels and captions in our Literacy lessons. We have been using our phoneme fingers to segment the sounds and write the sounds we can hear. This has inspired lots of independent writing this week during our busy time!

Week Commencing 4th November:

In Topic, we have been celebrating Bonfire Night. We learnt about the Gunpowder Plot and made our own firework pictures using some rather strange material. We pretended to go on our own firework night by wrapping up in coats, hats and gloves and turning off all the lights. Mrs M put on a firework display on our IWB and we sat and watched our very own firework display. Later on we made our own firework display with the colourful scarves, drank hot chocolate and marshmallows, iced our own firework biscuits and made some firework patterns on the light panel.  We have definitely been busy!

It is ‘One More’ week in Maths. We have been adding one more here, there and everywhere! We went on a bus journey and added one more passenger at each bus stop. We added one more when we lined up. We added one more marshmallow to our hot chocolate and we made ‘One More Towers’.

Week Commencing 28th October:

We are now officially blending champions in Acorn class and thought we would try our hand at segmenting this week! We learnt how to segment the sounds in a word using our phoneme fingers and then match the sound to a letter to spell the word.  We have been segmenting robots all week long!

In P.E, we had our first go at gymnastics! We LOVED the ropes and enjoyed swinging on them!

Our topic for this half term is ‘Celebrations’. We celebrated the Hindu festival of Diwali this week. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita and why the festival is called ‘The Festival of Light’. We made our own salt dough diva lamps, coloured salt rangoli patterns and some yummy diwali sweets. We also learnt about mendhi patterns and had a go at designing our own.

On Friday, we took part in a Lords Prayer Enrichment day with the whole school. We made bread, we learnt a new song, we contributed to a whole school piece of art, wrote prayers, learnt sign language and made some decorations for our school reflective area. It was very busy and we were definitely exhausted by the end of the day (Mrs M included!).

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