Elder Class Archive

January 2019

In English we have been writing short narratives using a picture as a stimulus. We have been focussing on interweaving description, action and dialogue. Olivia and Samuel did a particularly great job!

Elder class had a great science lesson this week learning all about static electricity. They loved the Van de Graaf generator and were willing volunteers to experience the static shock for themselves. We discovered that some of us are more static than others – Oliver was a definite winner in that department! Elders were amazed at the bending water too. Special thanks to the front two rows who did a sterling job at being protons and electrons to demonstrate how positive and negative charges are formed.

Rugby this week was done in separate groups with the boys going first (with year 5) and then the girls. The general consensus was that this new system worked really well and a good time was had by all.

December 2018

We had some excellent geography projects this half term. Elder class showed fabulous creativity and curiosity with their independent work. It was great to see their enthusiasm to share their projects with the rest of the class.

The Needles, Isle of Wight
Durdle Door, Dorset

Joey Roach – Homework

Well done, Elder class for winning your first Battle of the Bands competition against Willow class – superb cooperation. You scored an impressive 15, 355 against Willow’s score of 7,406.

Our year 6 musicians performed in front of the rest of the school in assembly. They were, quite rightly, very proud of themselves.

PE with Jerry was great fun as we had to shoot at a goal and try to score. The only problem was that Jerry was in goal defending! Some of the boys had very powerful shots but the girls proved more accurate initially.

In science we did an investigation to find out how good our sense of smell was. Some aromas were very hard to distinguish between. It was great fun though!

In English we have been looking at argument texts. We researched junk food and considered whether it should be banned or not. Elders got into groups to share their research before writing their texts.

Issy and Leo had art club with year 1 this week. The group made paper snowflakes. They looked fabulous!

Elders enjoyed making decorating their Christmas cakes for decoration morning. They topped the morning off with a lovely cup of hot chocolate.

Elder class loved playing SPaG definition heads-up. There were some great clues being given and super understanding.

Well done to Freya and Joey, the first two ‘rock legends’ in year 6! Those are impressive speeds from both of you on your times tables (1.94 seconds per question and 1.97 seconds per question respectively). You have made amazing progress too- just shows how practice makes perfect!

Well done to Issy and Leo, who have set up a lunchtime art club for Early Years and KS1. Today it was Acorn’s turn and they did some fabulous colouring of some festive pictures. A good time was had by all and the other year 6s were super-impressed with the Acorns’ colouring skills.

Cameron has completed a super project on Mount Snowdon . He made a fabulous model and has a factual report too. Super motivation and curiosity.

Freya, Imogen, Issy, Lexi, Rosie C and Rosie W were great ambassadors for the school today when they went to a YST Girls Active activity day. They took part in some games and also reflected on PE provision in school as well as planning a marketing campaign to encourage girls to be more active.

A special well done to Sebastian who received a Blue Peter badge for his poems that he sent in to the programme – super independence and creativity.

Elder class enjoyed making their Christingles with Rev Parsons and his helpers. They then led the Christingle service in the church.

November 2018

Elder class did a science investigation to discover which parts of their bodies were the most sensitive to touch. We found that the tips of our fingers were the most sensitive and our lower backs the least sensitive.

Freya wrote a fabulous letter home from the trenches, which really shows the character of the writer and includes some excellent description of the settings.

We had a great time at the pantomime!

Well done to the Elders who took part in the indoor athletics at SAA.  You were superb representatives of the school.

Elder class have been writing letters in character as a soldier in The Great War. Today they peer edited their letters. Superb cooperation – we’ll done.

Elder class have been busy rehearsing their song for the Christingle service next week. They are singing ‘Make me a light’ and are sounding fabulous. The harmony at the end is quite tricky but with stickability we will get there!

In science we planned and undertook an investigation into the size of pinnas and the effect on the volume of sound we hear. There was great cooperation and motivation to be seen throughout the class.

Elder class made their mini-Christmas cakes ready for icing and decorating on decoration morning. There was a lovely ‘Christmassy’ smell in the classroom afterwards. Special thanks to Rosie and Chloe for washing up duties and Mrs Bigg for cooking all of the cakes. They look fabulous!

In hockey this week with Jerry, Elders learned how to tackle! They practised block tackles and jabs. Freya showed her skills by getting the ball off Jerry much to the delight of the rest of the class!

Completing the Primary maths challenge – a special well done to Oliver, Ryan and Rosie for getting the top three results. It was a tricky test and the whole class showed superb stickability.

October 2018

Well done Cameron for being our first ‘reading champion’ in Elder class for your excellent commitment to reading. Superb motivation!

Elder class enjoyed their cooking for the harvest celebration. The vegetable soup was delicious – well done.

Here’s a video of our harvest song. Elders you did a great job – we are proud of you all!

Rosie wrote a fabulous letter in role as a common soldier in Henry V’s army.

We had some fabulous projects handed in this week. The children had to research a ‘great Briton’ and could present their finding however they wanted. I was so impressed with the creativity of the projects from Isaac Newton’s apple to a fondant Winston Churchill! An extra special well done to the children who stood up and presented their findings to the rest of the class.

Charles Darwin

Sonny W churchill homework

Elder class had their final session with Explore Outdoor today. They have come a long way in five weeks with their team working and communication skills. Frank’s group managed to solve 5 complete challenges this week compared to one the first week – great progress! The swamp was a popular challenge today but I think the most popular had to be the bottle rockets. You might have heard the screams of delight when the rockets were launched!

Ryan did an excellent project for his homework task about Sir Isaac Newton. It included key facts and showed superb creativity. Well done!

With Annie this week we went over some actions for scene four and really tried to get into role. We then started rehearsing scene five. It’s looking really good and everyone is doing a fabulous job of saying their lines.

In our Explore Outdoor Session  today we completed a trust trail, did a puzzle blindfolded, solved a marble problem and worked as a team to solve a changing places problem.

We have our first 11 year-old in Elder class – happy birthday, Chloe! Thanks for the delicious cakes.

In English we have written a diary entry in role as Henry V the night before the Battle of Agincourt. We drafted first and today we have edited with our talk buddy using editing stations to ensure our diary entries include accurate punctuation and varied clause types. There was some excellent cooperation seen in the class.

It was our second week with Annie and we went over our first scene with her. We had to think about how we were going to get onto the stage and into position by thinking about the fighting between the English and French sides and how we might depict it through movement and music. We thought about the status of our character and how they might feel about the war and going to fight.

September 2018

In PE we are doing rugby with Tom this half term. We made a great start to our lessons with a passing and interception game this morning.

Elder class had their first ‘Lawshall Mile’ session today. We ran/walked around the field for ten minutes to boost our fitness levels. We will be doing this every Wednesday.

Elder class impressed me with their great French this afternoon. They recapped the vocabulary they had learnt last year and even sang a song for me. Superb motivation!

We had a great afternoon with Explore  Outdoor playing some games and trying to solve some problems as a team. One of the groups solved all of the problems set for them – great cooperation. Elder class will be developing their communication skills over the coming weeks.

Freya wrote a fabulous description of a picture stimulus I needed English. She had a strong authorial voice and keen sense of audience – great work.

Year 6 hosted their first reading session with Acorn and Oak classes. It was lovely to see the older children reading and interacting with the younger ones.

Elder class have begun learning about Henry V ready for our Shakespeare Takeover project. We used the key lines from the play to do a brief synopsis of the whole play with freeze frames and actions. We are all looking forward to our first session with Annie on Monday.

Elder class had another great session with Explore Outdoor. They had to use their cooperation and communication skills to solve various problems including crossing a river on lily pads, crossing a minefield and helping ants to cross a lake!

Elder class had a visit from Mr Gower and Mr Walker from King Edward VI Upper School this week. Isabelle and Lana (pupils from last year’s Elder class) also came along to answer questions too.

In maths, Elder class thoroughly enjoyed playing a ‘Yahtzee’ style game which involved place value. There was lots of healthy competition going on as well as some excellent place value knowledge. Superb motivation and cooperation, Elders.

It was week 3 of our Explore Outdoor problem solving sessions and there was a massive improvement in our team working and communication skills this week. Both groups did really well solving their problems but also had lots of fun too. Frank’s group were delighted to solve the puzzle they got stuck on last week – superb stickability!


In RE Elder class are learning about the work of Antonia Rolls and particularly her image of ‘Jesus on the Train’ which is her depiction of what it would be like if Jesus came down to Earth and lived amongst us. Elder class are creating their own image based on this picture.

Mr Mason (along with Owen and Rebecca) came along and gave a presentation to the class about Sybil Andrews Academy.

Elder class had their first session with Annie. They practised following directions quickly and silently. Next they acted out some sections of the play, Henry V, including key lines and some improvisation. Elders had an iambic pentameter play off using key lines again with some actions added in for good measure! Finally they put together a sequence including freeze-frames for words related to the play accompanied by military movements to set positions set to music – it looked really effective. What a great afternoon and a great start to our Shakespeare Takeover!