Ash Class Archive

Here you will find links to pictures, videos and other content from the class pages from earlier on in the school year…

Autumn term 1:

We planned and wrote our Big Writes, researched World Habitats in Science, made a footprint out of clay in History – like the first footstep on the moon, related facts in maths and used the inverse operation, cooked chocolate and beetroot brownies for the harvest celebration and had our photo’s taken.

Take a look at what we have been up to over the past few weeks – September 2019.

This week we went to Space and continued to learn about the famous explorer Neil Armstrong in History. We made ourselves into spacemen!

In music, we had great fun using the glockenspiels.

In Science, we had great fun creating habitats for minibeasts.

In History,  we have been learning about the explorer Christopher Columbus. This week we made ‘fact boats!’

I have been really pleased with maths – the children have been building on last years knowledge of numbers to 100.

In RE the children have started to learn about the Jewish religion and saying sorry. The children experienced ‘Rosh Hashana’, a traditional Jewish celebration.

In art, the children have started to design their own leaf  using pointillism.

We have been finishing our pointillism paintings.


We have been looking at conjunctions in literacy and played a game of ‘conjunction tennis’ on the playground. We also edited last weeks dream story!

In maths we have been ordering numbers.

In RE we have been making our own whales from story ‘Jonah and the Whale’.

In Science, we investigated habitats (and micro habitats) and looked around our local area (the school grounds).

In literacy, we have been writing our own dream story based on the story The Darkest Dark’. They were amazing! The children had to remember to use adjectives and expanded noun phrases. They also used ‘Kung Fu’ punctuation to help us remember full stops and capital letters.

We have enjoyed our  tennis sessions with David Hall.

On Friday afternoons, we read with other classes in the hall. The first week Year 5 came and read with us, last week it was year 4.