Ash Class Updates

Ash Class

Welcome to Year 2!

Our Teacher is Mr Noonan and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Palmer.

Notices & Reminders:

PE is outside on Monday (am) and Friday (pm).
Transition to Year 3 meeting – Thursday 18th July (3:30pm)
Year 3 Transition Day – Monday 22nd July
Summer Celebration – Wednesday 24th July (2:30pm)
Last Day in Year 2 🙁 – Wednesday 24th July 

Summer Holidays – 25th July 2019 – 3rd September 2019

This week we are learning to…

Maths: Year 2 Consolidation

English: Wordless Stories


Take a look at what we have been up to:


Aiden’s Advert

Amelie’s Advert

Amy’s Advert

Anny’s Advert

Bobbie’s Advert

Cassie’s Advert

Dylan A’s Advert

Dylan B’s Advert

Harriet’s Advert

Harry J’s Advert

Harry W’s Advert

Imani’s Advert

Jack’s Advert

Jemima’s Advert

Kitty’s Advert

Lexi’s Advert

Leyton’s Advert

Missy’s Advert

Myles’ Advert

Oliver’s Advert

Olivia-Lily’s Advert

Sangsangna’s Advert

Scarlett’s Advert

Sebbie’s Advert

Sienna’s Advert

Sophie’s Advert

Useful Links

Here you will find a useful website, should you be interested in finding more interesting texts for your children to read. You can browse by age so that you know they’re appropriate, as well as finding some above or beneath. Sharing stories with your children is such a powerful tool and can accelerate their reading, vocabulary, writing and general outlook.


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Additional Home Resources

Common Exception Words – Year 2

Two or more syllable words

Common Suffix Endings

As part of Year 2 expectations, children should (by the end of the year) be able to read and write these words. Please find attached a copy for you to use at your leisure at home. We will be working towards these in our spelling sessions too.

Ash Class Presentation 2018

For any of you who weren’t able to make our session about Ash Class, please see the presentation available in a PDF above.