Ash Class Updates

Ash Class

Welcome to Year 2!

Our Teacher is Mr Noonan and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Palmer.

Notices & Reminders:

PE is outside on Monday (am) and Friday (pm).

This week we are learning to…

Maths: Division – making groups and sharing into groups.

English: SPaG focus – looking specifically at contracted words and possessive apostrophes.

Science: Living things and their habitats.

Take a look at what we have been up to:


This week in our English learning we have explored the story ‘The Queen’s Hat’ which is a simple story about the adventures of the Queen’s very important and favourite hat. As a class, we agreed that we could make the Queen’s hat go to some of the most extraordinary places, both real and fictional. The children planned their own ideas, making them exciting and engaging. Later on in the week we explored how vocabulary is important and what it does to a piece of writing. We put these into a context and then looked at sets of different words which we found the have powerful meanings. The children were superb at creating these and identifying which ones they’d rather use. I’ve already seen some applied to their writing which is FANTASTIC!


In Maths, we continued our learning on multiplication. We started off by identifying how to use an array to solve a multiplication sentence. The children were phenomenal with their efforts and soon whizzed through the 2, 5 and 10 times tables, so we later introduced them to not only 3 and 4, but also 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12s! We identified that we could always solve any multiplication sentence we want to just by using an array! This moved on to problem solving with arrays before touching base with 2 and 5 times tables.


This week, we turned our focus to the one and only, King Henry VIII. The children investigated facts about him, looking at who he was as a person, his family, his children and some extra facts! They turned these into fact files about him, with each one being a chunk of his massive belly. Just take a look at how awesome they look!


This week, we began out topic of Online Safety. We spoke in detail about what this means and later explored ways in which we could keep safe. The children have been introduced to Hector Protector the Dolphin, which is the CEOP safety mascot for the company. He taught us the importance of what we should and shouldn’t do online, especially those who we don’t know. The children used the website ‘thinkuknow’ which is specifically set for KS1 children and identified the top tips to keep safe. They later applied this to the context by writing some advice for a character for what they shouldn’t do.


In PE this week, Tom continued his work on Basketball, showing the children skills on shooting, scoring and dribbling. On Fridays, Mr Noonan taught hockey – we focused on different ways to hold the stick and ways of dribbling the ball. I was so amazed and impressed with their focus and shining skill!

Useful Links

Here you will find a useful website, should you be interested in finding more interesting texts for your children to read. You can browse by age so that you know they’re appropriate, as well as finding some above or beneath. Sharing stories with your children is such a powerful tool and can accelerate their reading, vocabulary, writing and general outlook.


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Additional Home Resources

Common Exception Words – Year 2

Two or more syllable words

Common Suffix Endings

As part of Year 2 expectations, children should (by the end of the year) be able to read and write these words. Please find attached a copy for you to use at your leisure at home. We will be working towards these in our spelling sessions too.

Ash Class Presentation 2018

For any of you who weren’t able to make our session about Ash Class, please see the presentation available in a PDF above.