Horse Chestnut Archive

Week Commencing 7.1.19

We’ve had a great first week back! I have been very impressed with the work ethic of all of Horse Chestnut class this week. We have been very busy with our first swimming and music session of the term and have been completing lots of fantastic work in class.

Our first swimming lesson was lots of fun. Next week, to minimise time spent getting changed during the school day, due to swimming and PE on the same day, children are welcome to come into school wearing their school PE kit. This means when we come back from swimming we will not need to get changed again for PE.


In computing this week, we began our work on algorithms. The children worked well with a partner to complete this work. Next week, the other half of the class will be able to have a go at this.

Our geography this week focused on the difference between continents and tectonic plates. This did involve doing a tricky jigsaw puzzle. Although it was difficult, I was very impressed at everyone’s perseverance.

In our science this week, we began our new Physics topic, looking at electricity. We recapped our knowledge so far and looked at the different forms of electricity, from mains and batteries. We sorted objects as to whether they used electricity or not. There were a few that threw us!

Thank you all for your fantastic effort in the homework completed over the Christmas break. I know that it was a bus time for you all, but so many of you have produced some amazing models and diagrams of the layers of our planet.

In English, we have started a new book ‘Flood’. This is a picture book with no writing, so over the next couple of weeks we will be working to develop a narrative story to match the illustrations. This week, we recapped how to write with description, working carefully on editing and improving our descriptions.

We had an amazingly Christmassy day yesterday, thank you all for your help with the crafts. In English, we have begun to plan our persuasive writing, looking into oil in the arctic. In Maths, we finished our current unit on multiplication and division and are revising everything we have learnt so far. Today in PE we had a go at some yoga and in Geography we explored the difference between physical and human characteristics.

We have this week begun to use Times Table Rockstars to practise our times tables. Your child should have come home with a letter with a login to this website. Our Times Tables will be really important for our multiplication and division unit after Christmas so any practise you can would be great.

We had a very festive day on Thursday, celebrating our Christmas Jumper day, Christmas decoration morning and Christmas lunch.

In Science, we looked at our sense of taste. We explored our taste threshold, by seeing if we could taste different mixtures of Citric acid and water.

We’ve been busy practising our times tables this week as part of our TTRockstars work.

As part of our Christingle service, we learnt about the symbol of the Christingle and each made one.

Week Commencing 3.12.18

s week we used the Iceland rain forest advert to draft a persuasive letter to two well-known manufacturers, encouraging them not to use Palm Oil in their products. In maths, we’ve been busy using lots of resources to explored different ways of solving multiplication and division number sentences. We began planning our Europe trip in computing and continued exploring different sewing techniques in DT. Jingle Bells sounded beautiful today, the children will be performing this music in a couple of weeks, so make sure you are practising lots. We had a fantastic trip to the Pantomime yesterday full of cheering and booing. All the children were impeccably behaved and enjoyed getting involved.

There was lots of lovely singing coming from  the classroom during the children’s music session this week. Everyone has been working hard on Jingle Bells too, keep up the good work.

We had our last practise session in DT today, looking at different stitches. We focused on adding embellishment: beads, sequins and decorative stitching. Next week, we will be designing our sticking, ready for a day of making them the following week.

In Maths this week, we looked at working multiplication sentences out in different. Using a variety of different resources, including: Numicon, Bead Strings and Cuisenaire Rods we looked at all the connections between the different operations.

After learning about how our nose works to help us smell, the children tested their sense of smell, ordering bottles of diluted perfume in from strongest to weakest smell. We worked out that the more water added to the solution, the weaker the smell was.

Following our session last Friday, we painted our sculptures this week, ready to go on display. They will all be on display from Monday, in the school library, so if you get a chance, pop in and see everyone’s beautiful work.

We have been keeping up with our Lawshall mile, despite it not being so warm outside!!

Week Commencing 26.11.18

e were very lucky to be joined by Elizabeth Cooke for the Blackthorpe Barn Artworks exhibition we attended earlier in the year. The children worked to create their very own flying creatures, first drawing out their design, drawing with wire, sculpting the wire into a 3d shape, then adding extra detail with coloured wire, tissue paper or plaster. There was a great buzz in the classroom and everyone persevered through the process although some parts were difficult.

Week Commencing 19.11.18

This week we’ve had a busy week.

In PE, we began putting our dance together. I saw some super moves at the disco on Friday, I wonder if we can add some of those to our work?

In Geography, we looked at the different compass points. We went on the playground to move between the different point and to describe what we saw at each compass point.

In computing, the children used their research skills to find facts about Peru, the home of Paddington. The children then used their creative and design skills to create some beautiful leaflets.

Week Commencing 12.11.18

o help our understanding of multiplying and dividing by ten, we physically made a place value chart on the playground. Each of us took on a role in multiplying a number by ten, becoming the place value counters and place value headings.

In RE we have been looking at saviours. We looked at how Christians may describe Jesus as a superhero.

In science this week, we have looking again at how our ears help us hear. We tested our hearing by identifying where sounds have come from and looked at the ears of different animals. Based upon an image of an elephant, we explored whether the size of my ear effects how well we could hear. This involved creating large ears and rating the sound of a noise.


To develop our work into perimeter, we worked in groups to create shapes using squares of paper. We were challenged to create shapes with a certain perimeter, which took quite a bit of thinking!

We celebrated All Saints day by learning about the legend of Saint Edmund. We have created some sainted glass windows with motifs from the legend and enjoyed learning about the history of Bury St Edmunds.

In DT we have begin our project of designing and creating festive stockings. Safe to say there was a buzz around the classroom with Christmas already being mentioned. This week we were looking at lots examples of stockings, picking out what worked well in these designs and what made them visually appealing.

To help us understand perimeter, the distance around the edge of a shape, we calculated the perimeter of the field using our footsteps. Everyone got different answers because our strides were different, so we decided that standard units of measure would probably be more accurate.

The children have worked amazingly hard over the half term, finding out about different Roman inventions. I am really impressed at the effort that has gone into your homework this week!

Our new look, organised book corner will hopefully make diving into a new book a lot easier.

Week Commencing 8.10.18

In PSHE this week, we have been learning about the power of yet. This will help us to be more positive about taking challenges in our work. They might not be able to do it, but they will soon learn, so they aren’t sure, yet!

Ready for our Big Write next week, we have been working hard on our character descriptions. The children have all put lots of effort into these, using expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors. Today there was a picture on the board and the children had to describe the character’s personality and appearance. I wonder if you can guess which Disney character it is?

Based on our English, in topic this week, we used some character descriptions to draw Roman and Celtic soldiers. The children did a really good job creating a real likeness based on the sentences.

After a couple of weeks of practise, this week we gave ourselves targets for our Lawshall mile. We all gave ourselves a target of how many times we wanted to get round the field and the playground. I wonder if anyone will be able to improve on their goal next week?

With our Hockey coach, this week we all enjoyed joining in with some agility games. We had to work together as a team to complete lots of challenges.

Week Commencing 1.10.18

Our Roman day was a great success. We had a busy day and learnt lots about life in ancient Rome. We looked at the Roman army, creating our own Roman shields and helmets. We also completed our Roman mosaics, with small squares of paper. The children enjoyed working together to make their own Spelt bread, I hope it was tasty, and tried some of the foods people in Rome may have eaten. Our Roman numeral code breaker was pretty tricky, but the class worked together really well to crack the code.

There were some super costumes, we can really see the effort lots of you had put into them. Thank you for working with us to make this day amazing for the class.

In maths we began exploring addition, using the column addition to add numbers up to 4-digits. We used our place value charts to understand re-grouping when a digit goes over 9.

In science, we looked at our sense of sight and how our eyes help us to see things. We labelled the different parts of the eye and experimented whether it was easier or more difficult to throw/catch a ball with one eye or two.

We spent some time in PSHE this week thinking about how we should talk to each other and work with people. Our favourite phrase of this session was that two wrongs don’t make a right. This will help us to play fairly outside and think about what we shouldn’t be doing, even if someone else is doing it.

Week Commencing 1.10.18

To end our unit of place value in Maths today, we had a times table race. The children had lots of old test questions on place value to solve in a group. They worked really well through these and displayed some great teamwork.

In History, we looked further into Roman leisure time this week, exploring the gore of the gladiator games. We looked at the Colosseum and other arenas where these games would have taken place and searched for facts to create our own fact posters about them.

Our hockey coach was very impressed with our Hockey skills in PE this week. We thought carefully about our use of space when dribbling and the rules for using our hockey sticks safely.

We were very excited this week to label up our our instruments this week. Our playing is really coming on and we’re all being to make some noises.

In preparation for our Roman day next Friday, we have begun exploring Roman mosaics. Today, we used squared paper to design the border of our mosaics. Next week we will focus on the motif.

Horse Chestnut class have been creating some amazing artwork over the past couple of weeks. This piece of artwork is part of our remembrance day work with other schools across Bury Schools Partnership, commemorating the centenary of the end of the first world war and will be part of an exhibition at the cathedral in early November.

The children displayed great teamwork to complete this art, each taking a piece of the ‘jigsaw’ before working to match the surrounding pieces. We are all really proud of their effort and achievement in creating such a wonderful image.

Week Commencing 17.9.18

We had an great trip to Blackthorpe barn to the artworks exhibition. We saw lots of different artists who had used a variety of different medias. Everyone was able to find something they liked and we spent time sketching some of the of the artwork.

Thank you to all of our parent helpers for joining us on this trip, we couldn’t have done it without your help.

We enjoyed our Lawshall mile out in the sun this week.

Week Commencing 10.9.18

We explored some of the Roman beliefs this week, completing a treasure hunt to find out out what the different gods represented.

The children enjoyed practising their hockey skills in PE this week.

In English, we focused on the myth of Romulus and Remus. Working in groups, we acted out the story.

We began our topic on the Romans today, discovering how we find out about our past, acting as archaeologists. We looked at different Roman artifacts, working out what this could tell us about Roman life.