Horse Chestnut Class Updates

Horse Chestnut Class
Welcome to our Class Page.
Our Teacher is Mr Mison and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Plummer and Mrs Staveley.

Home Learning: 

Week Commencing 1st June:
Year 4 Home Learning – Monday 1st June
Year 4 Home Learning – Tuesday 2nd June
Year 4 Home Learning – Wednesday 3rd June
Year 4 Home Learning – Thursday 4th June

Class Book:

There’s a Pharaoh in My Bath

Part 1 =
Part 2 = 
Part 3 =

Our Rainbows of Hope:

Summer 2, Ancient Egypt

We began our topic on Ancient Egypt this week by exploring different ancient civilisations. We played a game with cards about some of the civilisations and had a go at plotting these onto a timeline, thinking carefully about BC and AD.
Peony’s Ancient Civilisation timeline. Tobias’ Ancient Civilisation timeline.

India Work:

Evie’s local map work.
Peony’s Map work.
Joel’s Map Work.
Lyra’s India map work

Kitty’s India Work:

Katherine’s India Facts
Tobias’ India work:

Peony’s India work –

VE Day Celebrations:

Joel’s VEDay work:

Peony’s VE Day Medal  and work:

Kitty’s VE Day Medal –

Callum’s VE Day Medal –

Our Japan Learning:

Peony’s Origami Butterflies

Aphrodite’s Origami Butterflies

Tobias’ Origami Butterfly and illustration of bravery in ‘The Inch Boy’.

Kitty’s illustration of brvery in ‘Inch Boy’

Ruby’s illustration of bravery in ‘Inch Boy’.

Tobias used his Lego to re-create scenes from the Inch boy and wrote his version of the story.

Katherine’s similarities and differences between Japanese and English schools.

Kitty’s similarities and differences between Japanese and English schools and her story map for the Inch Boy.

Orla celebrated Friday with a Japanese day.

Peony’s story map.

Anouk’s Manga drawing and Inch Boy story.

Kitty’s story and Manga drawing.

Ruby’s Inch Boy story.

Ines’ Manga artwork

Peony’s Manga artwork and Ich Boy story

Nate’s Inch Boy story_

Callum’s Inch Boy Story and Manga drawing

Our Australia Learning:

AustraliaC&K – Kitty and her brother worked really hard to create a fantastic presentation of their research on Australia.
– Arthur video called his family in Australia to find out some of the information

Kitty Australian states presentation.
Peony Australian territories poster.

Arthur did a great job with his aboriginal artwork.

Kitty also created a fab piece of Aboriginal artwork.

Indee’s Aboriginal Artwork

Harrision’s aboriginal art

Anouk’s ‘Snake on the Run’.

Orla’s Aboriginal artwork

Oliver has been very busy finding facts about Platypus

Fredi’s Aboriginal art

Peony – Wallabies Fact File

Nate’s information writing

#Draw with Rob:

Ruby’s Drawings


A huge well done to Kitty who has been putting her artistic talents to great use, raising money for the NHS. She has been busy painting lots of stones with beautiful messages and has raised over £300. What fab work Kitty! UPDATE – Kitty has almost reached £600. What an amazing achievement!

Another HUGE well done to Ruby, who is also thinking of others. She is busy painting stones to raise money for the NHS too. I was also really impressed to see that Ruby has been thinking about others in her village. She has written a letter and painted a stone for an elderly couple living near her. Great work Ruby!

Orla has also been busy raising money for the NHS by selling homemade salt dough decorations from her garden. Well Done Orla, spreading the hope!

Jack had some great news over Easter, with three new additions to his family. There are cute!

Pippa has also been painting stones to raise money for the NHS


Additional Home Resources:

New Book Releases: 

Other Reading Resources:
A list of 100 great book titles suitable for our age group. Lots of well known books and some new ones too: 100-books.
A guide to Reading with Children.

Other Documents:
Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings.