Horse Chestnut Class Updates

Horse Chestnut Class

Welcome to our class page.


  • Swimming lessons will continue every Tuesday this term.
  • Homework, multiplication work is due Monday 21st January.
  • Spellings will be tested on a Friday.
  • Cornets and Baritones need to be in school on a Thursday.

Dates to Remember:

  • Thursday 24th January – Seed to Tree Event (See email).
  • Friday 15th February – Last day of half-term.

Our learning this week:

  • In Maths we are learning to: Use formal methods of division.
  • In English we are learning to: Draft our narrative story.
  • In Science we are learning to: Develop an experiment to test static electricity.

Homework & Spelling:

What we’ve been up to this week:

We’ve had another fantastic week in Horse Chestnut class, exploring lots of different methods of multiplication and testing our knowledge of direct speech. In DT this week, we explored the stability of different 3D structures, in Science we used a Van De Graaff to learn about static electricity and in topic we used shaving foam and crackers to begin an exploration into how volcanoes are formed.

We had lots of fun exploring static electricity in science this week. We used a Van De Graaff to generate electricity, which produced some very interesting reactions to different objects and materials. We compared some of these reactions to the poles of a magnet, talking about electrons and protons. We also ventured out into the cold to create out own human circuit to describe to flow of electricity around the wires as the current.

We began our training again for our Lawshall mile this week.

In English, we acted out the events of our Narrative story, beginning to think about speech and the most important events to tell in detail.

We then worked in groups to organise the images from Flood. This helped us to create a plan, thinking carefully about what we might include in each of the paragraphs.

After ordering the paragraphs in groups, the children began to think about direct speech by turning the images from our text into a comic strip.


We used nets to create 3D shapes to test the stability of different designs in DT. We did notice that these materials were not very transparent though, so will be exploring this further next week.


Spring 1 Newsletter


Class Timetable – Spring 1

Additional Home Resources:

A list of 100 great book titles suitable for our age group. Lots of well known books and some new ones too. 100-books –

Throughout this year, we shall be working through these spellings. Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings

Reading with your child is so important. A guide to Reading with Children