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                           Lime Class – Year 3

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Our class teacher is  Miss Brill  and our teaching assistant is Mrs Strawson.

Notices & Reminders for this half term


Autumn Term Newsletter – Lime Class 2020

PE this term is Mondays and Thursdays- children will need to come to school dressed for PE

This is what we are learning this week: 28.09.20

English– Performance poetry based around our class text ‘Leon and the place between’

Maths– Adding and subtracting multiples of 100

Science– Light and what are suitable materials to reflect light 

Have a look at what we have been up to…

This week in Lime class we have had another fantastic week. 

PE– In our PE lessons we have been focusing on Athletics and using our sprinting techniques to compete in relay races.

English– The children have been so engaged with our English lessons this week. We had a class debate over whether we thought Leon should or shouldn’t go into the box. The class produced some fantastic persuasive writing.  We then finished the rest of the book this afternoon and discussed whether our opinion had changed. 

Maths– In our maths lessons this week we have focused on comparing numbers using our ‘greater than’ ‘less than’ and ‘equal too’ symbols. The children were able to find a partner with another number and use the appropriate symbol for the number sentence.

DT- During DT this week we started to plan our ‘Moving Monster’ that will feature our pneumatic system. Some of the class have decided they would like their monster to feature  eyes that get smaller and larger using a balloon. Others have opted for straws and syringes to create a pneumatic system. They have been so creative.

Reading– This week three children enjoyed their Hot Chocolate as their reward for successfully completing the class reading challenge.

We have had another great but  busy week in Lime class. 

We enjoyed our PE lesson this week, creating our own warm ups and working on our sprinting techniques.

In Maths we have used our base 10 to help work out ten more and ten less than a number. 

We had two Friday treats this week, we started the day by practicing our spellings with shaving foam. We then had our first zoom assembly with Mrs Lamb.

We enjoyed our second forest school session this week. We were able to enjoy food on the campfire, which the children loved! The highlight of the session was the Toad that was found.

We had a great time at Forest School this week, exploring natural materials. 

We enjoyed starting our new topic in DT – Moving Monsters.

PE was lots of fun this week, we worked on our sprinting techniques.