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                           Lime Class – Year 3

Welcome to our class page!

Our class teachers are  Mrs Simpson and Miss Devaney and our teaching assistant is Mrs Strawson.

Notices & Reminders for this half term

PE this term will be on Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Homework will be given out on a Wednesday to be returned the following Monday. Spellings will be given out on Fridays and tested on Thursdays.

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Our learning today (22/7/20)

22nd July Home learning.docx

Previous activities

21st July Home learning.docx

21st July maths answers

21st July maths

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20th July Maths answers

20th July Maths

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15th July maths answers

15th July maths

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14th July Home learning.docx

14th July maths answers

14th July Maths

14th July spellings

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13th July Home learning.docx

13th July maths answers

13th July maths

13th July spellings

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1st July maths answers

1st July maths

30th June English

30th June Home learning.docx

30th June maths answers

30th June maths

30th June spellings

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29th June Home learning.docx

29th June maths answers

29th June maths

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24th June Home learning.docx

24th June maths answers

24th June maths

letter template

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23rd June maths answers

23rd June maths

23rd June Science

23rd June spellings



22nd June Home learning.docx

22nd June maths

22nd June order order

22nd June spellings.docx

Answer Booklet – India


Previous home learning activities are now on the Lime Class Archive Page.


Have a look at what we have been up to…

Annabel’s letter giving advice about worries to Billy-

Missy’s letter to Billy and  a super collection of worry dolls that she made-

Amelie’s letter giving advice to Billy about his worries-

Kitty’s descriptive writing about a picture from the Night Shimmy.

Olivia practicing her throwing and catching skills on her trampoline-

Fergal and the other children in childcare did a Science investigation today helping Lego men get to the ground safely.

Olivia’s Greek fact file

Annabel completed one of her brother’s PSHE activities- great dedication to home learning!

Here is Harriet’s very detailed Elephant report –

Here is Delilah’s re-telling of the Sword in the Stone-

Annabels’ Sword in the stone paragraph                Rupert’s leopard report-

Sophie’s leopard report-

Some super printing, well done-




Annabel’s work-

Delilah’s Greek Myth writing-

Bobbie’s French-

Harry’s French work-

Here is some of the wonderful Greek Myth work that the children have completed at home-

Annabel’s storyboard-

Delilah’s storyboard-

Olivia’s 1st person recount of Perseus and the Gorgon-

Cassie’s story board-

Dylan’s Storyboard and 1st person account-

Harriet’s Storyboard and Greek vase-

Olivia’s storyboard-

Sophie’s 1st person account-


Here are some of the lovely poems from last week:




Rainbows of hope-

Scarlett’s rainbow


In science we planned our own experiment to investigate glow sticks.  We thought about our variables, what we were going to measure/observe and how to manage risks.




Our trip to Shimpling Park Farm was great fun and we learnt lots!