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Oak Class 2018 / 19…

On Thursday (7th Feb) we had a great time celebrating Chinese New Year with our friends in Acorn class. We tried Chinese food, made masks, lanterns and dragons. We used chopsticks and had a go at writing in Chinese!

On Tuesday (29th Jan)  it was our annual Bird Enrichment Day for Acorn, Oak and Ash classes – we looked for birds on the grounds and entered our data as part of the RSPB Big Bird Watch. We made bird masks, nests and bird feeders. It was a great (but cold) day!

…. Oak Class have been reading with some of the older children.

……We have been very busy. We have started to learn about The Great Fire of London – we have thought of lots of fab questions and made lots of flames using our hand prints, please come and look at our display!

We have been brilliant at counting in 10’s from different starting numbers and using numercon to ‘make’ numbers.

We have started to learn about the the story ‘Lost and Found’. We asked the penguin questions, thought of adjectives to describe him and wrote sentences with the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘because’.

In science, we have started to measure and record the weather.  It was great to be able to measure some really cold, wintery weather!


We also drew the clothes we wear and what trees look like in winter-

The children had great fun investigating ice-

We had a great gym lesson exploring the apparatus.

We went to the church on Monday for our Epiphany service, our crowns looked great!

In science we have started to learn about our next season- winter. We made icicles and snowflakes to add to our science display.

…….We had a brilliant week last week, we used Santa’s workshop, wrote letters and performed our play.

……… We had a great time making decorations.

…….. We made Christingles on Monday.

…….. We visited the church and learnt about Christenings on Friday.

………We had a great time at the panto.

….We have been painting the Owl Babies. Come to our class and see!

…..We have started learning about the story ‘Owl Babies’. We acted the story out in small groups and were ‘hotseating’ as some of the characters.

….We were great at using the ten frame to help us learn our number bonds to 10.


In science we have been using our 5 senses to solve a puzzle!  We had to use clues and our senses to find Ella’s lost teddy-

…….We have a had a firework week! We made some brilliant pictures and wrote some great poems, thinking carefully about adjectives.

……We have had a great time using the new Oak mud kitchen.

We went on an Autumn walk. We thought of lots of adjectives to describe what we found.

In science, we identified and named our body parts-

On Thursday, we learnt about All Saints’ day.  We learnt about some of the different saints and then we created our own dragon or puppet scene from St. George and the dragon-

On Friday we had a WWI enrichment day.  The Children created a class poppy wreath. and their own split pin poppies…

As part of our WWI enrichment day, we learnt about food shortages, rationing and  created our own allotments.

Captain Spike gave the children a talk about life in the trenches.

We went to Frithy wood and collected acorns as part of our Step 1 – ‘Seed to Tree’.


We have been baking flat breads for our harvest celebration.

Richard, a local farmer came to visit us and told us about his tractor! He even let us sit in it!

We have been drawing different fruits and vegetables using chalk pastels.

In maths, we have been using the ‘part whole model’ and used ladybirds to help us split numbers.

This week, in science, we made rain gauges and weather vanes.  We are going to use them to record the weather.

During our R.E. lesson the children wrote questions about photos of Christenings.  We are going to see if we can answer them over the next few weeks.

The children really enjoyed reading with Elder class-

We have been busy writing about our trip to Hollowtrees, we used the ‘writer’s toolkit!’

We had a fantastic day at Hollowtrees Farm, we were so lucky with the weather too!

We have been very busy this week. We walked to a local field and talked about how it had been farmed.

We have been getting used to the classroom and learning lots and lots!

We have been using our farm shop as we are learning about farming.

We have been recognising and ordering numbers to 20.

In PE we have been catching, throwing, aiming and developing our team work skills.

In Science this week we have learnt about garden plants.  We studied them closely with magnifiers and thought about the ones we have in our gardens.  The children then planted pansies and spring bulbs in our garden.

Oak class showed off their amazing writing- Mrs Guy and I were very impressed!

We then went on a wild plant hunt to find out which was the most common.

The class also created some lovely plant pictures either by printing or using collage-

….. Transfer day!

Oak Class 2017 / 18 …

In science over the last two weeks we have grown our own herbs in mini rainforests.

We also learnt about desert habitats and started our cactus investigation.

Our plants grew really well in in their rainforest habitats…

We have been counting and ordering numbers……..

We have been learning about direction and position in maths……

We have been busy thinking about halving shapes and a number of objects this week. We made sandwiches and thought about how we cut the bread…….

We made clay fish for our rockpools and painted stones…..

We made lighthouses out of strawberries and bananas!

We had a lovely ‘Prince and Princess Enrichment Day’ on Friday.  The children learnt about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in assembly.  They made cheese straws, crowns, bunting flags and designed wedding cakes.  We also talked about wedding ceremonies and the union Jack Flag.  After lunch the whole school had a tea party on the field followed by lots of games.


We made ‘sea biscuits ‘ for Mr Grinling…..

Writing postcards imagining we are visiting Mr and Mrs Grinling from ‘The Lighthouse Keeper ‘s Lunch’……..

We tried hard to use our writing  toolkit, adjectives and conjunctions!

Some children from year six came to read with us-

Photos from our last forest schools session-

Our seaside topic…..

In maths we have been learning about repeated addition, arrays and ‘lots of’ ….

In science over the last two weeks we have made rain gauges, recorded the weather, visited our school garden and made wormeries.

In PE with Tom Bigg we were developing our cricket skills………

Easter team treat…………

We had great fun measuring capacity in maths…….

We had great fun in our Forest School sessions!

In science we learnt about germs and keeping clean and had a go at making our own slime/germs-

Additional Resources:

Sports Relief was great, we enjoyed running the  ‘Lawshall  Mile’ with Acorn.

We have been weighing in maths.

We made our own islands in small groups, it was great fun!

We also made chalk islands.

We have been learning about ‘Traditional Tales’ and learning our own oral story.

We have also been drawing and painting maps linked to our Geography topic ‘Katie Morag’s Island Home’. The children have enjoyed using the new role play area – ‘Katie Morag’s Post Office’.

In maths we have been partitioning numbers and finding one more / one less than a given number.

We have had lots of fun learning!

I hope you are enjoying the snow as well as keeping warm inside! As we were only at school on Monday and Tuesday I will not be sending any pupil passports home this week.

Mrs Lamb and Mrs Kemp were very brave and drove out to Lawshall! ( I didn’t!!)

In science we had a very exciting time making fossils.  We were all very impressed with how  well they turned out .  Great listening and cooperation skills Oak class!

In ICT the class worked in small groups to produce a short video of how to make a sandwich.  We are all looking forward to watching them during the next session.

We had a great day celebrating Chinese New Year on Tuesday with Acorn class. We made dragons, lanterns, tried Chinese food, Chinese writing, had a ‘chop stick challenge’ and learnt the story behind the Chinese New Year – The story of the 12 animals.  2018 is the year of the dog!

We had a brilliant FS / KS1 ‘Bird Enrichment Day’. We had great fun and saw lots of birds that live in and around our school grounds. We also made bird feeders and bird masks. This afternoon we worked in teams to build bird nests, we used many of the Learning Behaviours including Cooperation! 


We are learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’. We talked about London today and looked at some pictures. We were told the story and made pictures of houses. We also great fun acting out the story, hotseating and asking questions!

We had great fun in the dark tent this week. We tested lots of different light sources!

In maths, we focused on adding 10 to different numbers – we got really good at this!

In Literacy we described the penguin from ‘Lost and Found’ using adjectives and wrote sentences using the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘because’.

In gym, we had great fun exploring the apparatus!

In Science we have been learning about lifecycles. The children all made a butterfly or ladybird lifecycle-

We have been measuring height and length in maths by comparison, using cubes and using our hands. Mrs Bolton set us the challenge of getting into height order!

….Christmas fun!

…..Here are a few from our play!

…..We had a delicious Christmas lunch!

…….We had an awesome time at the panto, ‘Oh no we didn’t! Oh yes we did!’ 😉

…..We had a brilliant time making decorations. The classroom looks great but don’t  worry , the decorations will get sent home pre-Christmas!

…..We made some delicious Christmas tree biscuits, we followed a recipe and wrote our own instructions!

This week we have been counting in maths.

We have been writing facts about owls using the Learning Behaviour ‘cooperation’.

On Friday we visited the church as part of our RE unit on Baptisms. Reverend Parsons then joined us at school to act out the baptism of Poppy the teddy.

We recreated some of the symbols linked to baptisms…

… We have been acting out the Owl Babies!

Here are some of the photos from our Seed to Tree session:

…… We have been enjoying our new garage role play area.

We have been learning about autumn leaves and pumpkins. We had fun investigating them!

In science we have been investigating waterproof and absorbent materials-

….We had a brilliant day on Wednesday making bread hedgehogs for harvest. We thought  about the story of bread and linked it to our topic. We also had a local farmer who brought his tractor to school and told us all about it. We got to sit in the cab!

We had fun practising our basketball skills in PE😊

We all really enjoyed the Diwali enrichment day last Friday. Take a look at what we got up to-

We had a great time at Hollowtrees farm 🙂

…We have been writing some brilliant recounts of our trip to the farm😊

…… Oak drew some lovely chalk pastel pictures of fruits and vegetables with Mrs Lamb.

……… We have been very busy. We have been ordering numbers and estimating amounts in maths.

We went on a walk to look at fields as part of our topic and literacy lessons, we described what we saw.

In PE the children were working as a team. They were listening to a relax kids CD in class too!

In Science we started thinking about the seasons. This will continue throughout the year .

In ICT the children wrote instructions to move our pirate teddies around a map.  This will then progress to programming bee bots.

We had a brilliant time on Seaside Day!!

…… We have been learning about the story of Grace Darling and had a go at acting it out in small groups!

….. We went to the Theatre to see ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’.

We also had the Theatre to our school to perform the story we have been learning about – ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’, they were both brilliant!!

We made a really coooooooool card for our daddies, they will need it in all this heat!!

…..Indee – Mai brought in her puppies for us to look at, they were very cute!

….. We have been working hard at learning to read alien and real words in preparation for our screening test, we were great at making made up words!

… We have been practising our bat and ball skills in PE….

… As our marble jar treat, we made ‘iced sea biscuits’ like Mrs Grinling from the ‘Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ story, they were yummy!

…. Last week we designed and made a sandwich and salad for Mr Grinling.  We also made strawberry and banana lighthouses!

…. We have been writing postcards from ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ story, designing him a delicious lunch and helping Mr and Mrs Grinling to think of a plan to stop those pesky seagulls stealing their lunch!


We have started to make our lighthouse models 🙂
…last week we were been ordering numbers, counting in 2’s and 5’s and sorting numbers in odd and evens.

….last week we started to learn about our new topic ‘The Seaside’ and in particular ‘lighthouses’! We had great fun in our new ‘Seaside’ themed role play area – ‘The ice cream parlour’.

We have had a great time in our Forest School sessions! We have made mud faces, name badges, shelters, clay animals, weaving and painting as well as making up lots of imaginary games, climbing trees and finding mini beasts and different plants!

We have been busy making Easter cards and Easter cakes…

We have been in the outside area in the afternoons this week, thinking about shapes…….

Last week in Science,  we searched the school grounds for evergreen and deciduous plants and then had a go at leaf rubbing.

We also planted some beans so that we could watch them grow and spot the root and shoot.

We had fun on Wednesday morning playing rugby…….

We had a brilliant time last Friday at our whole school Science Enrichment Day! We took part in a number of experiments and investigations which involved chocolate, biscuits, eggs and sound! We watched some big explosions and dissected owl pellets!

We had a great time on Thursday dressed as our favourite book characters. Year 5 came and read with us in the afternoon and we had a whole school parade, well done Nate for winning best costume for the boys!


We celebrated Pancake Day on Tuesday with Acorn Class …..

……. we flipped pancakes, made pancakes for another person and ate our order in the ‘Acorn Restaurant’. We also took part in a whole school pancake race in the afternoon!

We have started our new topic in Geography ‘An Island Home’ based on the Katie Morag stories. We looked at maps of Scotland, painted our own islands and played in the role play Post Office ( like Katie Morag!)

We’ ve been adding coins in maths…..

In Science we learnt about cold weather.  The children went out side to look for signs of winter, just as it started to snow!  We practised our cutting  skills by making paper snowflakes and we also had great fun making ‘puffy paint’ snow pictures

Last Friday it was the NSPCC Number Day, the children took part in Oak class’ Maths Challenge. The class was split into teams and had to complete a number of maths challenges using the knowledge and skills they have learnt since September.   We were all very impressed with how well the teams co-operated and worked together to complete the challenge. They were all super stars.

The winning team was- Fredi, Kitty and Nate. Well done!

In the afternoon the children created some ‘shape’ artwork inspired by artist Piet Mondrian.

Earlier in the week we did some baking to sell at the cake stall. We decorated our cakes with sweets in the designs of dice numbers!


We have been using lots of our Learning Behaviours in Literacy – stickability and motivation when reading, matching and writing sentences linked to The Great Fire of London. We had to work together too – cooperation.

On Wednesday afternoon, the children had a special ‘Shabbat’ meal as they have been learning about Jewish traditions and special times in RE with Mrs Schofield. We had a go at making our own plaited ‘Challah’ loaf out of playdoh!

We are learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’ and made fire handprints for display and thought of questions that we would like to find out.

We have a dark tent in our classroom, it looks a little strange but it is good for investigations!

We have been counting on using a number line…..

We carried on exploring the equipment in gym……….

…….we are going to create a sequence of movements.

We had a brilliant time yesterday for our whole school ‘Chinese New Year’ Enrichment Day.

We tried Chinese food, made spring rolls, made lanterns, made dragons, painted Chinese writing,  acted out the story of the animals linked to the New Year and had a Chinese role play area and ‘chop stick challenges’!!

Bird Enrichment Day…..

… We made bird feeders using cheerio’s, honey and seeds!

We saw lots of birds….

We looked at and drew pictures of birds…

We made bird masks in the afternoon…


Here are the children’s final pieces of textile artwork inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night-

We wrote and shared some brilliant questions that we wanted to ask the penguin from ‘Lost and Found’ in Literacy.


We also added the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘because’ to our sentences …

We decorated biscuits as our class treat for filling the marble jar!


We hope you came and watched our KS1 production of ‘Baubles’ , we were brilliant!


We had a wonderful time at Christmas decoration morning last Thursday.



img_2464   img_2471

We went to the pantomime…. Oh no we didn’t! Oh yes we did!!!!!!

december-2016-032img_2503 img_2516img_2872

Here are some of our oil pastel drawings inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night.  Next week we will be adding Brusho dye to them.


Some of our wrapping, knotting and weaving-


We have been working hard using 2 digit numbers…..


We have been doing circuits during our PE lessons….

img_2837 img_2844 img_2841 img_2833

We have had great fun in our new role play area, Santa’s Workshop…

image    image

We have assessed a piece of work using the reflection wall…..


We have been clearing the leaves outside of our afternoon classroom, still a few to go!

image image image image image

We have been decorating our salt dough decorations ready to sell at the fair!

image image image image image image image image image

Last week we acted out the story of the Owl Babies and used the conjunction ‘because’ in our sentences.

In Maths we compared the weights of different objects and used cubes to help us weigh things. We have been counting backwards and subtracting numbers. Last week we thought about how to split numbers and solved a monkey problem as a class!

We have also been trying really hard with our pre cursive letter formation!


Making dog biscuits in Science-


Fir img_2417 img_2419

Ordering the months-


img_2408 img_2399

firework activities-

img_5074img_5070 img_5069 img_5068

We have been looking at finding different ways to make 5 and 10 in maths.

img_2038 img_2040 img_2048 img_2049

In our writing we have been retelling the story about Ned the Hedgehog and writing questions about hedgehogs.

img_2086  img_2083

img_2085  img_2084

Oak Class school trip to the Museum of East Anglian Life on Friday 14th October


oak-class-trip-004 oak-class-trip-007 oak-class-trip-009 oak-class-trip-016 oak-class-trip-021 oak-class-trip-023 oak-class-trip-025 oak-class-trip-027 oak-class-trip-029 oak-class-trip-030 oak-class-trip-036 oak-class-trip-037 oak-class-trip-038 oak-class-trip-043 oak-class-trip-045 oak-class-trip-046 oak-class-trip-049 oak-class-trip-051 oak-class-trip-052 oak-class-trip-056 oak-class-trip-068 oak-class-trip-071 oak-class-trip-075 oak-class-trip-079 oak-class-trip-081 oak-class-trip-091 oak-class-trip-095 oak-class-trip-096 oak-class-trip-098

Seed To Tree seed planting event…

img_5448  img_5437  img_5436            img_5450

img_5439  img_5435

Making amounts using coins.  Finding different ways to make the same total.

img_2388 img_2389 img_2393 img_2396 img_2410 img_2415

Exploring wheels, axles and chassis in Design Technology.

img_2429 img_2431 img_2438 img_2439 img_2440

Roald Dahl Day costumes:

dsc02282 dsc02281 dsc02280 dsc02279 dsc02277

Understanding Computing and algorithyms through exploring instructions in board games dsc02269 dsc02266

Creating models of number sentences:

dsc02239 dsc02237 dsc02236 dsc02235

Well done to these children who received their 100% attendance award for last year:
dsc02204 dsc02203 dsc02202

We started our aiming/net skills in PE:
dsc02205 dsc02206 dsc02207 dsc02210 dsc02212 dsc02213

Well done Oak class for getting down to writing in the first week!  There are also some examples of our Farming topic work and the three key words we were learning: Arable, Dairy, Livestock.

dsc02228 dsc02229 dsc02231 dsc02232 dsc02233 dsc02234