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Welcome to Oak Class!

Our Teacher is Mr Noonan and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Guy.


Notices & Reminders

PE is first thing on a Tuesday with Tom Bigg and on Thursday afternoons with a Mr N. Please remember your child’s PE kit.

Chinese New Year Enrichment Day – Friday 24th January 2020
Bird Watch Enrichment Day – Friday 31st January 2020

Week Beginning: 20th January 2020

English: Using questions, creating a unique version of Lost and Found and writing a narrative.

Phonics: Consolidation of all Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds/alternative pronunciations of ea, ey, a, y.

Maths: Number bonds to 20, adding by counting on, developing a strategy. 

Science: Seasonal Change (Autumn to Winter)

Here’s what we’ve been up to….

Week commencing – 13th January 2020


We’ve had a very busy week in English! We worked on writing questions to the penguin, hoping to find out some more information from him. We also excelled in applying the conjunctions ‘and’ as well as ‘because’ in our sentences to extend and add depth. The children have been so creative at making their own sentences based on the text from the story.
Later on in the week we received a letter from penguin! Unfortunately Mr Noonan chopped it up so we had to help put a giant one back together before having a go on our own. We also had a look at the different features of a letter and what we could expect to see.


I have been so pleased with Oak Class’ efforts this week in their Maths. We’ve tackled some pretty tricky elements, including adding 10s to set numbers and keeping the pattern extending. We’ve also been adding tens through knowledge and have been using tens and ones to explore adding and subtracting. Later in the week we began our learning of number bonds to 20. We used the double sided counters to help us, but we’re working on using our links from number bonds to 10 to help us progress and understand the connections.

Sensory Box Workshop

This week we began our Sensory Shop workshop. It is delivered by a company called ‘Fine, Not Fine’ encouraging the children to speak up and share their views whilst exploring how to do this through the senses. This week was a big step in creating a sensory box of our choice. Lots of busy, messy hands! 4 more sessions to go.


With our topic of the Great Fire of London, Oak Class found out that we’ll be creating tudor houses, looking primarily at the features of a house. We looked at some different examples as well as their appearance in books. As a draft, we drew some on whiteboards so that we could trial and error how we wanted our house to look in preparation for our real design.


Last week we looked at algorithms and identifying what they were. This week we took our next step and looked at ‘debugging’. The children had to follow an algorithm that was given by Mr N (which wasn’t very clear or specific). We noticed that we needed to improve my algorithm so went back through to find the bugs. We later worked in partners to create a better algorithm so that we all ended up with the same final image. Look at how good they turned out.


In our PE this week we focused on the technique of mirroring with an incorporated balance. We developed our practice to start with simple movements before developing into bigger and more complex ones.

Week commencing – 6th January 2020


This week in our English we were so shocked to find that there was something hiding in our cupboard! We used our inferential skills to decipher what it could be. We even noticed it had ran across the classroom floor leaving footprints everywhere! Luckily it left us some clues and Mr Noonan hid a secret camera… We caught a penguin! We used the penguin to apply adjectives and will then be applying these into sentences next week using Lost and Found as a stimulus.


We’ve been so good with our maths this week, identifying multiples of 10 and multiples of 10 added on to set numbers. We increased our skills of adding 10 and our familiarisation of the number square. Next week we will be continuing to add, subtract and build numbers to extend our learning further.


We applied some observational skills this week to spot the differences between Autumn and Winter. We loved watching the time lapse to see just how plants and our local environment change throughout the year.


The Great Fire of London learning has commenced and Oak Class were so enthusiastic! We had a very dark classroom with only tealights to show us where to go. We learnt about Where and When the great fire started!

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Additional resources-

Here is a link to the Year 1 Common Exception Words that the children are expected (NC expectation) to read and spell by the end of Year 1. We teach these words in class and do not expect you to test your child at home, they are there if you want to!