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Our Teacher is Mr Noonan and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Guy.


Notices & Reminders

PE is first thing on a Tuesday with Tom Bigg and on Friday afternoons with a Mr N. Please remember your child’s PE kit.

Week Beginning: 23rd March 2020

English: Home Learning – See below.

Phonics: Consolidation of all Phase 3 and Phase 5 sounds/split digraph learning. Spelling rules.

Maths: Home Learning – See below.

Science: Home Learning – See below.

Here’s what we’ve been up to….

Week commencing – 23rd March 2020

Home Learning Resources

Please see below PDF links to for the children’s home learning tasks. Please get in touch if you need anything further.

Day 05 – Friday 27th March 2020
Hello from Cyril – 05
Adding Numbers

Day 04 – Thursday 26th March 2020
Hello from Cyril – 04
Real or Alien Words – ‘a’ sound

Day 03 – Wednesday 25th March 2020
Hello from Cyril – 03
Maths – One more, One less – A
Maths – One more, One less – B
Phonics – which a

Day 02 – Tuesday 24th March 2020
Hello from Cyril – 02

Day 01 – Monday 23rd March 2020
Hello from Cyril – 01


Well done Oak for getting involved with the rainbow challenges. You’re doing a super job!


Week commencing – 9th March 2020

Sports Relief

Oak Class had a great afternoon participating in a range of different activities, including a Wake and Shake, GoNoodle/Yoga experience and the famous Lawshall Mile.


I’ve been so proud of Oak this week for their wonderful focus and dedication to their writing. The children have widely been exploring their adjectives and as such have created some superb sentences and character descriptions. I’ll definitely be uploading some for you to read.


We’ve been looking at our 2s this week and have refreshed our memories of comparing number sentences and objects. The children have been fantastic at really exploring our number sentences and their place value of different numbers. They also enjoyed jumping in their 2s from 0-100.


This week in our RE learning, the children have been continuing to think about reasons Christian’s worship God. This week, I set the children and Mrs S the challenge of creating their own sentences including key vocabulary, along the lines of praying. The children then had to create their own ‘prayer buddy’ to read their prayers with using socks. They were superb and created meaningful and considerate prayers.


This week we explored the difference between what makes a good and bad photo. We looked at all of the different features and reasons before we composed our own. The children had a task of exploring whilst taking photos before being tasked to demonstrate their own ‘good’ and ‘bad’ photo whilst explaining what made it bad.

Week commencing – 2nd March 2020

World Book Day 2020

Wow! What an incredible effort put in by ALL of Oak Class. I’m so proud of you all and you looked great. We all had a good day exploring our favourite characters, sharing books and talking about why we decided to dress up the way we did!


We started our traditional tales this week. We started by creating our own character riddles, getting other children in the school to guess our characters. We also made different story maps about a traditional tale before learning some actions to our own story.


Oak have completed some amazing place value tasks this week! We’ve been looking specifically at tens and ones, what they stand for and how they can be applied to some different problems.

Week commencing – 24th February 2020


In our English learning this week, we explored the use of adjectives and just how impacting they can be to develop our writing. Mr N showed some sentences on the board and the children immediately noticed they were boring because they had no adjectives or excitement. We spent some time exploring different pictures and developing some powerful sentences. We also applied the use of a question mark thinking about questions we might want to ask Katie Morag.


Maths has been very busy this week in Oak Class. We have been exploring measurement and have introduced the children to ‘cm’. We initially started our week by looking at the key vocabulary and terminology built around measurement before moving on to measure set objects using cubes. The children really developed their counting and precision here. Later on in the week we used rulers to be able to accurately measure lines of different lengths. Oak Class really impressed Mr N with their independence and attitudes to learning.


This week in PE, Tom continued to teach the children a range of skills, improving on their precision and hand-eye co-ordination.

Pancake Day

We had a great day celebrating Pancake Day with Acorn and Ash Classes. We spent the morning understanding why it is a celebration throughout the United Kingdom before writing our own pancake orders, making them for different people and of course, eating them! We also took part in our whole school pancake race.

Antarctica Talk

On Wednesday, we had a visit from a scientist who had travelled to the Antarctic to conduct important scientific experiments. He came back and informed us of all the equipment, resources and jobs he needed as well as sharing some wonderful and exhilarating facts!

Week commencing – 10th February 2020

Reading Challenge Reward

We are the champions! I am SO proud of Oak for winning their reading challenge. What an absolute way to end the term. They definitely enjoyed the afternoon and all looked rather snuggly in their pyjamas, sharing books, drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies and listening to audio stories. We also had a visit from Horse Chestnut!


This week, Oak Class wowed me with their grammar and punctuation skills! We looked at nouns, verbs and plurals this week and the children all looked at different ways of identifying them and applying them to their work.


A busy week in Maths! We consolidated our learning on number bonds to 20 through the use of numicon and their link to number bonds to 10 as well as solving some subtraction problems and a revisit to shape.


The Great Fire of London officially visited Lawshall this week. The children spent some time building their own paper houses this week before we set them alight! The children got to see how quickly the houses burnt and just what the wind did to help carry the flames across. We also reminded the children about the rules regarding fire safety and standing within appropriate distances. *All safety rules were adhered to*

Fine, Not Fine

The boxes were completed this week! The children spent their last session decorating their shakers to support the rest of the calming strategies box.

Week commencing – 3rd February 2020


We’ve had a busy week in our English learning this week! Not only have we explored the senses through Great Fire of London poetry, but we’ve also been writing our own diary entry from the viewpoint of Samuel Pepys! A busy, but hard-working week.


This week the children have been challenged to look at related facts and how they relate to different numbers and answers, (i.e. 13 + 1 = 14, 12 + 2 = 14, 11 + 3 = 14). I was so impressed by the children’s approaches at doing this systematically and using this as a natural go to. They further applied this to secure some more learning for their number bonds to 10. Later on in the week we also looked at comparing number sentences where the children had to solve the number sentence first before applying their <, > or = symbol.


FIRE! THERE’S A FIRE!! This week we refreshed all of our learning on the Great Fire of London and found out a little bit more about how they put the fire out. We spoke to the children about the reasons behind them exploding houses with gunpowder to prevent the fire from spreading further. This was demonstrated through the use of dominoes.

Later on, we recreated the firefighter team by passing buckets of water along our line with the final person throwing the bucket of water away. Some interesting water throwing techniques to say the least!


We received a philosophy session this week from Mr Trotter who showed us how we can ask questions in different ways. We looked at the story ‘Not Now, Bernard!’ which encouraged some great discussion and questioning skills.

Fine, Not Fine

We completed yet another stage of our sensory boxes this week by making our own shakers.


Our invasion and defending skills continued this week. The children refined their hockey skills through dribbling and defending too.

Week commencing – 27th January 2020

Bird Watch Enrichment Day 2020

Yet another successful Bird Watch Day. The children enjoyed a range of activities from making bird-nests, bird feeders and bird masks to completing their own bird watch and enjoying a visit from Stonham Barns where they brought us a beautiful owl!


I have been so proud of the children this week and what they’ve achieved in their writing. We’ve seen a superb awareness of their sentence structure as well as an ability to turn simple ideas into a story. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming display where we showcase the wonderful work in Year 1.


This week we consolidated our learning on adding through the use of the number line and started to look at subtraction. We all started by using the number line and jumping back to find our answers. We also looked at how to read number sentences hidden in ten frames. A great focus and application, Oak Class!


This week we looked at ‘decomposition’ and how it is important to break down steps to achieve the correct desired outcome. We used a range of different shapes to create a picture before applying decomposition to break down how to make it. We also linked this to the decomposition of foods, links to Science.


With our upcoming bird enrichment day, we looked at the features of birds and what makes them one. We identified that they all have beaks, wings, feet, feathers and claws/talons. We each designed one of our own birds before using natural resources and chalk to show it’s different features. We later applied labels to show which part of the bird is being shown.

Fine, Not Fine

This week the children explored the senses smell and taste before adding more for their sensory boxes.

Week commencing – 20th January 2020


This week we completed our sentence writing and sequencing. The children all wrote an incredible list of independent sentences to accompany each picture and demonstrated a fantastic awareness of how the story progressed. Later on in the week we had a chance to plan our own version of the story in preparation for having a go of writing it ourselves!


Mrs Guy and I have been blown away by some of the adding skills that Oak have shown us this week. Over the lessons we encouraged the children to develop their own skill of adding, choosing the one that made the most sense to them and that they could access independently. This varied from counter form, mental counting or drawing their own number lines. Fantastic perseverance shown!

Chinese New Year

Kong Hei Fat Choy! Happy New Year – Oak class celebrated the day with Acorn class rotating round many different stations and activities including: food tasting, lantern making, Chinese restaurant role play, dragon making, a chopstick challenge and Chinese writing. We also shared the story of the animals identifying it was the year of the Rat. We also noted that Mr Noonan is the year of the Dog, Mrs Guy is the year of the Pig, those of us born in 2013 are the Snake and those in 2014 are the Horse.


This week we were virtual assistants and have to create short, simple, snapshot instructions to get our partner to follow. This was later extended by created complex instructions of one words or actions with our partners having to respond in the opposite way. Oak were fantastic and really showed a good sense of understanding.


Tom taught us some invasion games this week!

Fine, Not Fine

We continued our workshop this week adding in touch elements. Next week we will be looking at ‘smell and taste’.

Week commencing – 13th January 2020


We’ve had a very busy week in English! We worked on writing questions to the penguin, hoping to find out some more information from him. We also excelled in applying the conjunctions ‘and’ as well as ‘because’ in our sentences to extend and add depth. The children have been so creative at making their own sentences based on the text from the story.
Later on in the week we received a letter from penguin! Unfortunately Mr Noonan chopped it up so we had to help put a giant one back together before having a go on our own. We also had a look at the different features of a letter and what we could expect to see.


I have been so pleased with Oak Class’ efforts this week in their Maths. We’ve tackled some pretty tricky elements, including adding 10s to set numbers and keeping the pattern extending. We’ve also been adding tens through knowledge and have been using tens and ones to explore adding and subtracting. Later in the week we began our learning of number bonds to 20. We used the double sided counters to help us, but we’re working on using our links from number bonds to 10 to help us progress and understand the connections.

Sensory Box Workshop

This week we began our Sensory Shop workshop. It is delivered by a company called ‘Fine, Not Fine’ encouraging the children to speak up and share their views whilst exploring how to do this through the senses. This week was a big step in creating a sensory box of our choice. Lots of busy, messy hands! 4 more sessions to go.


With our topic of the Great Fire of London, Oak Class found out that we’ll be creating tudor houses, looking primarily at the features of a house. We looked at some different examples as well as their appearance in books. As a draft, we drew some on whiteboards so that we could trial and error how we wanted our house to look in preparation for our real design.


Last week we looked at algorithms and identifying what they were. This week we took our next step and looked at ‘debugging’. The children had to follow an algorithm that was given by Mr N (which wasn’t very clear or specific). We noticed that we needed to improve my algorithm so went back through to find the bugs. We later worked in partners to create a better algorithm so that we all ended up with the same final image. Look at how good they turned out.


In our PE this week we focused on the technique of mirroring with an incorporated balance. We developed our practice to start with simple movements before developing into bigger and more complex ones.

Week commencing – 6th January 2020


This week in our English we were so shocked to find that there was something hiding in our cupboard! We used our inferential skills to decipher what it could be. We even noticed it had ran across the classroom floor leaving footprints everywhere! Luckily it left us some clues and Mr Noonan hid a secret camera… We caught a penguin! We used the penguin to apply adjectives and will then be applying these into sentences next week using Lost and Found as a stimulus.


We’ve been so good with our maths this week, identifying multiples of 10 and multiples of 10 added on to set numbers. We increased our skills of adding 10 and our familiarisation of the number square. Next week we will be continuing to add, subtract and build numbers to extend our learning further.


We applied some observational skills this week to spot the differences between Autumn and Winter. We loved watching the time lapse to see just how plants and our local environment change throughout the year.


The Great Fire of London learning has commenced and Oak Class were so enthusiastic! We had a very dark classroom with only tealights to show us where to go. We learnt about Where and When the great fire started!

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Additional resources-

Here is a link to the Year 1 Common Exception Words that the children are expected (NC expectation) to read and spell by the end of Year 1. We teach these words in class and do not expect you to test your child at home, they are there if you want to!