Oak Class Updates

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Summer Term 2019

Teacher(s): Mrs Bolton – Mon – Thursday, Mrs Simpson – Friday.

Teaching assistant: Mrs Guy

Week beginning….  20th May 2019

English: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch story.

Maths: Shared by (division).

Science: Everyday materials- describing their properties.

Notices & Reminders

PE is first thing on a Monday with Tom Bigg and on Wednesday afternoon,  please remember your child’s PE kit!

I will be sending a piece of homework on a Monday – this is entirely optional!

Class Timetable

Oak class – Summer Term 2019

Class Newsletter

Summer newsletter 2019

Here’s what we’ve been up to….

In science, over the last few weeks, we have been closely observing and measuring the sunflowers that we planted before Easter.  The children were really excited to take them home this week.  Please send in any photos you take of them as they continue to grow. I have warned the children that it is unlikely that all of them will grow tall and have a flower- we’ve already seen what slugs and snails can do!

We have been learning about the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch story. We have written some wonderful lists and postcards, please come and look at them on our display!

We also had fun making a sandwiches for Mr Grinling!

We have enjoyed starting our topic on ‘The Seaside’. We have investigated things from the beach, painted lighthouses linked to Literacy, made a moving seaside picture for DT with Miss Dutton and played in our role play ice cream parlour.

In maths we have been learning about ‘lots of’ and repeated addition with Miss Dutton.

Additional resources-

Here is a link to the Year 1 Common Exception Words that the children are expected (NC expectation) to read and spell by the end of Year 1. We teach these words in class and do not expect you to test your child at home, they are there if you want to!