School Expansion Project

Work has now started on preparing for the School Expansion project as part of the SchoolOrganisation Review (SOR).


March 30th 2015: Week 1; day 1:

The site office has been set up on the car park and the building area has been cordoned off. It’s all ready to start!

Day 1 week 1 IMG_1170 IMG_1171 IMG_1174 (1)

April 1st: Week 1: Day 3  

The digger has started!


April 9th – Day 10.

The building project is well underway. The foundations have been dug and the cement has been poured. Things are going well!



Day 11 – The foundations are complete and the bricklayers start next week!

IMG_1209          IMG_1206

Tuesday 14th April – First Day of the summer term

The bricklayers started work today laying the bricks so that the cement for the floor can be laid on Friday. It has been a lovely sunny day and everything is going well!


Thursday 16th April 2015

The bricklayers have been hard at work laying the bricks ready for tomorrow when the concrete floor will be laid.

Children in Horse Chestnut Class have started work on a time capsule, which will be stored in the roof space of the new classroom.

Tuesday 21st April 2015

The bricklayers have started work today and have already laid the first few rows. The building is now starting to take shape!

IMG_1230       IMG_1231

Wednesday 22nd April:

We now have walls!

IMG_1241  IMG_1239

Tuesday 5th May 2015
The bricklayers have now finished the brickwork. Mrs Lamb carried out a site visit today to look at the classrooms and cloakrooms. Everything is taking shape – it is very exciting!

The scaffolding will go up in the new week or so and then the roof will be constructed.

Building 2 Building 3Building 1

Wednesday 13th May 2015

The scaffolding is up and the last few rows of bricks are being laid in preparation for the roof. A forklift will arrive at school on Friday ready for Saturday when the roof joists will be delivered and put in place. By Monday the building should look very different!

Monday 18th May 2015

We had lovely a surprise this morning when we arrived at school…we have a roof! We can really see the shape of the building now. Once the tiles are in place it will be weatherproof and the interior work can start.

IMG_1284 IMG_1286

Wednesday 27th May 2015:

We had our monthly site meeting today. Everything is on track for our completion date of 28th August. Mrs Lamb put on her hard hat and high viz jacket and went into the classrooms. Each classroom has windows at the front and a long ceiling height window at the end so they should be lovely and bright.

Friday 29th May 2015:

The brickwork is complete and the roof felt is on.

IMG_1310 IMG_1308

Monday 8th June 2015:
The roofers worked over the weekend to complete the roof!  The scaffolding will come down this week, the floors will be laid, the electrics will be installed and the windows and doors will be in place over the next few weeks. The children in Key Stage Two have voted to name Year 5 class ‘Willow Class’ and the Year 6 class will be called ‘Elder Class’!


Monday 27th July 2015

Now that school has closed the contractors can begin the ground works. We now have planning permission to extend the playground. The diggers have been digging out the additional playground space today and will then start to dig out the existing playground to make sure it is the right level for the new building. Work will then begin on the school driveway.

IMG_0131 IMG_0132

Work is also continuing inside the new classrooms. The decorating is underway, cupboards have been put in place and the lino has been laid. The windows and doors are all in place and the building looks great!


Friday 28th August 2015

Today the keys were handed over to Mrs Lamb for our two new classrooms!

Willow Class:

IMG_1540 IMG_1539

Oak Class:

IMG_1544 IMG_1543

The toilets and entrance:


The outdoor space:

IMG_1537 IMG_1538



Thank you to Richard Harding, Colin Walters, Pippa Walters, Rosie Walters and Stephen Larner who joined me for a morning of cutting, pruning, pressure washing and cleaning! The outdoor area has been transformed ready for the new term!

IMG_1552 IMG_1555 IMG_1558 IMG_1553 IMG_1554