Volunteering in school

Our Aims for Parental/ Volunteer Involvement

  • We want to make volunteers feel valued and involved in our school
  • We want volunteers to understand the curriculum and ethos of our school
  • We want our children to benefit from the skills and expertise of our volunteers
  • To enrich the positive relationships that children within school share with adults through mutual respect
  • To strengthen relationships within our school community


  • Confidentiality and trust are very important aspects of your work within school
  • Volunteers should not discuss educational matters outside of the classroom with other parents in the school, particularly concerning individual children
  • Volunteers are most welcome in the staff room at break times. School staff may be heard to discuss classroom matters with colleagues. All conversations in the staff room are confidential

Activities and Tasks

  • Teachers may look for help during the day with almost any aspect of the curriculum
  • We aim to promote active learning and in order for the children to maximize these learning opportunities your help and support are vital
  • Teachers across the school welcome support to hear readers, support group activities, help with art activities and Forest School sessions on a regular or ad hoc basis
  • Teachers will give you clear guidance about how to support the children you are working with but if you are unsure, please ask
  • Please make sure that you sign in when you come into school in the ‘Volunteer Signing In’ book

Child Protection

Expectations of all volunteers

  • For all regular volunteers working with children to have a CRB check
  • To treat pupils with respect
  • To act as an appropriate adult role model
  • To ensure that all contacts with children and young people in school are entirely proper and professional
  • To consider carefully your physical contact with pupils and avoid any contact, which may be misinterpreted as being inappropriate
  • Share immediately any concern about a child with the class teacher, teaching assistant or other member of staff

We hope you enjoy your time within school and that you find it an enriching and rewarding experience

Thank-you for your support