Our teaching team

We have seven classes and each class teacher is supported by a dedicated teaching assistant (TA) or higher level teaching assistant (HLTA):

Class Teacher TA/HLTA
Acorn (Reception) Mrs Marsden Mrs Kenyon, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Beeton
Oak (Year 1) Mr Noonan Mrs Guy 
Ash (Year 2) Mrs Bolton & Mrs Parsons Mrs Palmer
Lime (Year 3) Mrs Simpson & Miss Devaney Mrs Strawson
Horse Chestnut (Year 4) Mr Mison Mrs Plummer, Mrs Sevindi &  Mrs Beeton
Willow (Year 5) Mrs Millyard & Mrs Wigzell Miss Brook & Mrs Beeton
Elder (Year 6) Mrs Kemp Mrs Bigg & Mrs Dack


Learning support staff

  • Mrs Dack
  • Mrs Pringle
  • Mrs Sevindi


Office Staff

  • Mrs Hood – Senior office administrator
  • Miss Butler – Clerical assistant


Woodpeckers after school club

  • Mrs Pringle
  • Mrs Jackson
  • Mrs Clark


School cook

  • Mrs Copping


Kitchen assistants

  • Mrs Le Maire
  • Mrs Seggie


Lunchtime supervisors

  • Mrs Jackson
  • Miss Brook
  • Mrs Palmer
  • Mrs Pringle
  • Mrs Strawson
  • Mrs Witthuhn