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Acorn Class 15th-19th January 2024

Next week, we are learning....

Literacy– Next week, our focus story will be ‘Poles Apart’ by Jeanne Willis. We will focus on vocabulary taking from the text and learning their means. We will be taking part in Drawing club to draw and writing sentences about characters and adventures, remembering to use our full stops.

Maths– Next week, we will be measuring and comparing mass and capacity. We will be more familiar with using balance scales and distinguish between the different quantities on either side.

Phonics– This week, we will begin Phase 3 mastery of the Unlocking Letters and Sounds programme. We will be revisiting j,v,w,x and the common exception word ‘me’.


Topic/UTW– Our theme this week will be the Polar Regions. We will learn about the parts of the world that have cold climates and what animals live there. We will be comparing life in these parts of the world to how we live here in the UK. We will be learning how animals keep warm in these climates by taking part in the blubber experiment. 

This week, we have been learning.....

UTW- Bird Enrichment Day

This week our theme has been birds. We have really enjoyed reading information books and learning facts about different birds. On Friday, we joined Oak and Acorn class for a bird enrichment morning. We took part in the RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch and went bird watching around the school grounds. We made bird masks and bird feeders. We enjoyed hanging them around school and watching to see if birds visited them. We had lots of pigeons and even a moorhen visit!! 


This week we have been learning about full stops. We learnt about where they go and their job in a sentence. We unscrambled sentences to match a picture and made sure the full stop went in the right place. This helped us practise our reading and blending skills too! We then read the story of ‘The Odd Egg’ by Emily Gravett all about a mystery egg. We wrote sentences to predict what we thought might be in the egg. 

EAD- L-Brace Joins

We have introduced the Acorns to different joining techniques that they can use when exploring the creative area resources. This week, we taught them the L-Brace join. Mrs M demonstrated how to make this join and then the Acorns explored the resources to make their own. They were very creative!