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After Half Term’s Learning:

Maths – Length and perimeter, fractions 
English – play scripts 


We have been exploring finding lengths in maths and using our addition skills to find the perimeter of shapes. We learnt that with rectangles we could find 2 of the opposite sides, add them together then double them. 


This week, we have been looking at shape poems. We have been exploring colours and extend our vocabulary. We created sentences using these ideas as well as repetition. We then ended by writing them neatly as a final draft. 


This week we had our DT day! We designed and built mini greenhouses. We began by discussing what a greenhouse was and what made them effective. This helped us create our design criteria. We knew it needed transparent walls to allow sunlight in and an open base to allow for ventilation. We then started planning what they would look like and the steps we needed to take to build them. Finally, using lollipop sticks, masking tape and cling film, we were able to create them.