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Acorn Class 11th-15th December 2023

Next week we are learning....

We will be taking part in the a variety of Christmas themed activities linked to our favourite Christmas stories. 

This week we have been learning...

Christmas Jumper and Decoration Morning

We took part in Christmas Jumper day this week and were excited to show each other our festive outfits. We were doubly excited as it was also Christmas decoration morning. We spent the morning exploring different classrooms in the school with our families and making a variety of Christmas decorations and craft. We were particularly excited with the glitter stations and we can safely say that Acorn class sparkled all day long! 

Wriggly Nativity

We performed our Christmas nativity ‘Wriggly Nativity’ to the rest of the school and our families this week. We sang, we danced and we performed! We were so excited to show everyone all our hard work and practise over the last few weeks and Mrs M was so proud of her little Acorns for being super stars! 

UTW- Magnets

This week, we learnt about magnets. We explored about how magnets repel and attract objects and experimented with different objects to see what they do when touched by a magnet. We discovered that metal objects are magnetic and attract the magnet. We enjoyed exploring in groups different objects arounds our classroom to see if they are magnetic!