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Acorn Class 11th-15th March 2024

Next week, we are learning....

Literacy– Next week, our focus text will be ‘The Queens Hat’ and we will be drawing and writing about London landmarks.

Maths– Next week, we will be focusing on number bonds to 10 and how to make 10 in different ways using 2 parts and 3 parts.

Phonics– Next week, we will be continuing Phase 3 Mastery. Our focus phonemes are ure and er and the common exception words are ‘her’.


Topic/UTW– Our theme this week will be the UK with a focus on London. We will learn about London landmarks and the Royal family. 

This week, we have been learning.....

UTW- Vehicles

This week has been focused around transport and vehicles. We have been learning about different types of transport and sorting them into rail, sea, sky and road. We learnt about how some transport has changed and matched photographs into past and present. We also had a visit from a Acorn family member who brought us a car to see and learn about! We were so excited to see a car drive onto the playground and we learnt about electric cars and how they work. We each got to sit in the car and ask lots of questions. 

EAD- Transport Pictures

We introduced the Acorns to a Paint app on our ipads and demonstrated how to select colours and type of pen to draw a picture. The Acorns chose a transport they wanted to draw and had a go using the app. We talked about shapes, colour and type of lines to make our pictures. 

EAD- Music

Each week, we take part in a music session focusing on listening on different types of music, finding the beat of different tunes and learning how to sing and dance to familiar songs. This week, we introduced the glockenspiels to the Acorns. We had a practise at playing different tunes and then played a tune to one of the songs we had been learning. It was rather noisy but fun! 

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Literacy- The Hundred Decker Bus

As part of Drawing Club, we read the story ‘The Hundred Decker Bus’. We loved the story so much we decided we wanted to make our own decker bus and created our own decks. We thought of some really fun decks, drew them and then wrote a caption to go with them. We collated them all together to make our very own 26 decker bus!!! 

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